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[ DIAMONDS. ] s. chishiya by stargazedshe
[ DIAMONDS. ] s. chishiyaby 🌀
the borderlands was a place that you never thought you would be in. it was dangerous, of course, the borderlands is unexpected. so you never expected to find a certain m...
collision | s. chishiya by flatoutwhyjustwhy
collision | s. chishiyaby liz
[ ☆ through a collision came an interest. ] chishiya x reader 30/40 chapters completed.
Save me or betray me | Chishiya Shuntarô  by YuuuuuuuhhhhBxtch
Save me or betray me | Chishiya YuhIdontknow
" You can't keep hiding away all your emotions, Chishiya. It makes you seem weak." She said staring at his eyes. "You're the only one that makes me feel w...
the white queen | alice in borderland ✓  by kaiwrn
the white queen | alice in ꒰ 𝐉𝐎𝐉𝐎 ꒱
『 "She believes, in borderland, I'm safe away from everyone. She would eliminate anyone that would cause me harm. ...
Arranged-by-love || Chishiya Shuntarō x [reader] || by v1x1es
Arranged-by-love || Chishiya Vix
Chishiya Shuntaro is a man with many faces. He wears a mask that shrouds his true intentions. One day, he meets a woman. His father and the woman's father decide to arra...
Chasing Shadows: An Alice In Borderlands Fanfic (Completed) by seiferbabe
Chasing Shadows: An Alice In Jennifer Tirrell
An alternate take on Karube and Niragi's stories. When Jen and her husband Karube are pulled into the Borderland, a tragic game ends in the death of her husband. Mourni...
revenge | in borderland  by imjustrori
revenge | in borderland by imjustrori
• "i never really believed in trust, it's always broken, but I wonder, why do I trust you?" ...
Chishiya x Y/n // The heart player // discontinued by Lover_girl4u
Chishiya x Y/n // The heart Lover
Y/n walks into a game with her close friends only to have to walk out alone, a souvenir of a card is what is rewarded '5 of hearts'. Walking the streets of Shibuya she...
After I die✶ AIB Fan Fic by aestronova
After I die✶ AIB Fan Ficby 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐀 .ᐟ
❝ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 Shinko and Torikki end up in the borderlands, where justice will get you killed and saving others means you can't save yourself.
Alice in Borderland One Shots by xChishiyax
Alice in Borderland One Shotsby Nova_Hoax
// Chishiya x OC, fluffyyy // Niragi x OC, sweet Niragi
[ SPADES. ] h. kuina by stargazedshe
[ SPADES. ] h. kuinaby 🌀
after meeting her at a game, you couldn't get her off your mind. " even though the world is cruel and inhuman, i have you. " (not finished)
"Maybe they aren't that bad.." [ AIB ] by PR4NKST3R_91
"Maybe they aren't that bad.." [ AITO !!!!! :3
[ Soda pop was walking down the streets as the rain poured heavier and heavier each second. It wasn't a very wise choice for them to walk outside without an umbrella or...