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Illusion by elma208
Illusionby Elma <3
Hello! I'm Valerie and 2 months ago something happened to me that nobody else has experienced... so in this book I'm going to talk you through it...
Emma. by HypeRanger206
#2 HypeRanger206
Emma, a very curious young adult, wanders like bird. Pretty, smart, popular and no money troubles. She had it all, so what exactly could go wrong? Read to find out.--Wri...
Creepy Stories To Tell In The Dark! by BtwItzDally
Creepy Stories To Tell In The Dark!by Twenty One Pilots Is Life
Welcome to the frightening world of Scary Stories, a collection of the most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time! These Stories ar...
The Darkness by FoundingLand
The Darknessby FoundingLand
☮︎The Year is 1882, A Very Powerful Demon Possessed a Human Spirit, Exorcists and Nuns Tries to Stop the Demon From Possessing But Something more Eerie and Much more Te...
Paranormal/scary true stories [Histoires vrai paranormal/effrayantes] by Skeleton_fear
Paranormal/scary true stories [ Your fave catgirl <3
Some true stories from my family, friends and me. Des histoires vrai de ma famille, mes amis et moi. #3alarming #11 - alarming - 25/10/2020
A short gory, disturbing adventure with a beast and a survivor.
100 Scary Stories by Yuraflowers
100 Scary Storiesby Yuraflowers
Don't be afraid, everything will be fine.
ThE SChoOL by AthenaPallas4
ThE SChoOLby Athena Pallas
New school, new rules, new friends, new regime. It should sound promising to a teenage girl, but not Mia. Her parents assured her that 'it's going to be the beginning of...
Short Stories by Accalian
Short Storiesby Kaitlyn
A collection of short stories that I may develop further.
An Elephant's touch by Vivek_Rajan
An Elephant's touchby Vivek Rajan
"The strongest one prevails" is a general term but the strength doesn't have to be physical. This is the story that has haunted me ever since I have heard. I h...
The Mind of a Mad Man by jhoperose27
The Mind of a Mad Manby Mad Hatter
It's what the title says, it the story of what goes on inside a mad man's head.
Eerie Novellas by re1gne
Eerie Novellasby i a n
"Reader beware, you're in for a scare." The most creepiest stories, that will strongly urge you to look in the corners of your room for the next 2 days. co...
alone by allybaconlover
aloneby allybaconlover
Nothing. That is what surrounds me. I can't get out of here soon enough.
Scary Short Stories by izrhiannaj
Scary Short Storiesby Rhianna🤍🥶💕
Do you ever need just a little bit of some spook well if so just read a chapter in this and I will have you hiding under the covers in no time.