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♡ "Magnetic Love" | aether harem au ♡ by bun6y1e
♡ "Magnetic Love" | aether harem shiho
[COMPLETED!!!] This Story is a Aether harem au Aether, a young handsome, charming, smart man. Everyone had admired him, everyone thought he was perfect. Everyone envied...
Aether x All boys smut (one shot) by polarbear_aiss
Aether x All boys smut (one shot)by Polar Bear
Aether x All boys supremacy here ☀️🛐 WARNING!! SMUT!! (Requests are open)
Experiment with Two Albedos (Susbedo x Aether x Albedo) by polarbear_aiss
Experiment with Two Albedos ( Polar Bear
Aether has a crush on Albedo. He wants to confessed to him...... Contains - smut >:) - r*pe....?
The Chalk Prince and the Traveler by hazirahhusna
The Chalk Prince and the Travelerby hazirahhusna
The fluffy life of Aether and his crush, Albedo! Aether had finally reunited with Lumine and wanted to settle down in Mondstat to take care of an unfinished business.. w...
His two lovers (Genshin highschool AU) by ehenonandayo
His two lovers (Genshin Anemo slayy
Picture not mine - give credits to the owner at hoyolab -Eida _____________________________________________________________________ Aether and his sister embarks on a ne...
An Experiment Albedo X Aether by YaoiORYuriBOTH
An Experiment Albedo X Aetherby 𓂀 𝔸𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕖𝕊𝕀𝕄ℙ 𓂀
A short and sweat story about Albedo giving Aether a taste test.
"i like gay ppl" Genshin chatfic by Sussykhunn
"i like gay ppl" Genshin chatficby Sussykhunn
i have no idea what this is but yeah a plotless chatfic bc I'm goofy n lazy... unless????? i love xiabedo
4NEMO ~ idol AU ~ Original(?) by Aether_Where
4NEMO ~ idol AU ~ Original(?)by Aether_where?
( came out at 25 January 2021) WARNING!! -Xiaother -Venther -Kazuther -Albether -Amber x Lumine - Fighting scenes with blood (?) -Some sexual scenes (?) ~~~~~ This stor...
Anything for you | Genshin Impact [Aether x Albedo] by dyin-dream-maker
Anything for you | Genshin Demaké
The first thing Aether noticed was that Albedo smelled like pine. Pine and campfires; a nostalgic, wintery scent that enveloped Aether and brought back memories of good...
Remembrance | Albether by CabyLemonade
Remembrance | Albetherby 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙧𝙖
Albedo is about to destroy Monstadt, all his memories have been affected by the corruption. Only one remains in his thought: The Traveler.
His Final Goodbye | Albether by 0sManthUsWiN3
His Final Goodbye | Albetherby 0sManthUsWiN3
Inspired by KaniTachi's "Goodbye" Albether story :,) Aether and Lumine are reunited. The alchemist let the one he loved so deeply, leave his grasp.
Highschool AU | Albedo x Reader by Reeptor
Highschool AU | Albedo x Readerby Reeptor
a basic y/n shipping fanfiction where you're in a generic highschool AU and simp for a massive piece of chalk (lmfao don't mind the fucked up tags they're for the memes)
Calcified Castle by Cascade9
Calcified Castleby Chalice of Dreams
Aether and Lumine transfer to another high school and meet new people! There's a dash of magic retained, but it probably won't be mentioned a whole lot. I'll try to brin...
Ricin | Genshin Impact | Albether by dyingbedo
Ricin | Genshin Impact | Albetherby Nekrofilia
assassin/mafia au Corrupted pople are cowards - they're afraid to stain their own hands with blood. They're afraid to do anything when there's a risk of getting caught...
daybreak | xiaoventher by kazoochan
daybreak | xiaoventherby sherri
- when the fate of a hopeless romantic, a broken-hearted, and a guy who doesn't have time for love all get tangled up by a dating app... alternate synopsis - a love tria...
You're so lovely - Genshin Impact Ship Oneshots by PillowIsles
You're so lovely - Genshin Connie✨
Just some fluffy stories about Genshin impact ships I ship! These will be slow at coming out cause I have exams and school and a social life (shocking I know) but I'll t...
///"Synthetic Love"///Albedo X Aether///One-shots /// by Rashier_
///"Synthetic Love"///Albedo X Cloudy _ Rashi
AEBEDO BRAIN ROT GO BRRRRR --- Rankings: (#196)#187)#182)#168- experiments (#214)#179- albedo (#13)#11- albether
-Stars Beyond-BNHA x Genshin Impact crossover by Minty_Chip8
-Stars Beyond-BNHA x Genshin Minty_Chip8
After encountering a strange mage Aether and Albedo get stuck in a strange world.(actually idk how strange this is compared to Tayvat😑). Anyways after waking up they me...
A wild school year (Aether Harem) | DISCONTINUED  by amiothatsnotgay
A wild school year (Aether Harem) Mio
Hello, its been a while since i last posted a story hasnt it?? This story is basically a School Au, this story is sfw, meaning there are no nsfw implied, there will be...
A myth about the sky's beloved by dyingbedo
A myth about the sky's belovedby Nekrofilia
Aether hasn't noticed when the sun began to set and Zephyr's breeze left along with it. The stranger is getting ready to leave too, but Aether feels his presence tug at...