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Saving Ourselves ( TBOAH React ) by OnceUponATime5433
Saving Ourselves ( TBOAH React )by OnceUponATime5433
This is a alternate story of Saving Ourselves (Into the Parallel World) where Cale was not summoned to TBOAH world but instead they were all summoned to a cinema like di...
I'm Pregnant by DigitalMonsterQueen
I'm Pregnantby
Throwing up and feeling dizzy early in the morning, only to find out Cale was THREE WEEKS PREGNANT!? Not only that his father Deruth is shocked, Ron wanting to kill some...
A Guide to Taming a Cat by Alver Crossman by Opacarofile
A Guide to Taming a Cat by Alver Opacarofile
Cale Henituse was a cat. No one can possibly convince Alver otherwise. Not with how much of a menace he is. Not with how much he likes to roll around the ber or even lay...
Corset Troubles by Opacarofile
Corset Troublesby Opacarofile
Cale wears a corset and Alver is having a gay panic over it. "That koi pond looks like an ideal place to die" ----- This is just me thirsting over Cale wearing...
The Ballroom Incident by 44mari
The Ballroom Incidentby тнє мσσи σf тнє єтєяиαℓ иιgнт
After defeating hunters (finally) the King of Rowoon Kingdom Alver Crossman, hosted a ball. What could go wrong in the end?
Alcale Songfic by LeaJaneBurgos
Alcale Songficby Eljey
This is a one shot or short story about alcale mostly a songfic.
For the ties that pave our future {Trash of the count's family fanfiction} by WhitelightST
For the ties that pave our
Alberu Crossman - the current crown prince and future emperor of the Roan empire - was devising a plan to settle the aftermath of war, when a black aura appeared and swa...
Third Live as a Prince, I just want to be a slacker by LunaAfton02
Third Live as a Prince, I just Luna Afton
Cale Henituse and Alberu Crossman die in the last battle against WS, but they got reincarnated by the God of Death in Who Made Me A Princess, without the other knowing. ...
The Collaborative Agency by AnemicBunnicula
The Collaborative Agencyby Anemic Bunnicula
The sudden appearance of this monster rookie shook the K-Pop industry. An all-rounder prodigy, Rowoon Entertainment seemed to have found their new dark horse to gloat ar...
wide open ? by dokvus
wide open ?by kae
Just a normal day everyone were in the meeting room discussing a plan for the next war until cale and alberu have a different plan then they start arguing. Kinda nsfw i...
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse) by ClaraLicht
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu ClaraLicht
You probably know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but you may not know that the color, number, and how roses are combined have coded meanings. or; Alberu real...
Sunshine is You by minamintsoo
Sunshine is Youby joojaehee
Setting after Cale's consciousness left the indignity test, Alberu Crossman wished to see the person who helped him to know the truth and trust himself again. Half a ye...
My Sunshine by sleepycale
My Sunshineby sleepycale
The crown prince of the Rowoon Kingdom and the hero of both the western and eastern continents were in a relationship. Everybody knows the tales-most fawn over how beaut...
Joint Case by sweetberry_keyk
Joint Caseby a
Alberu Crossman and his team are the best at solving cases. Alberu has already everything-the fame, the face, the body, and the reputation. They solve cases right and le...
Our sunflower field by LeaJaneBurgos
Our sunflower fieldby Eljey
A alcale fic with a mix of reacting fic with the tfc and tboah. They will be reacting to alcale in different dimension and timeline. As well as reacting to Cale life.
Confess to Me! by Opacarofile
Confess to Me!by Opacarofile
The student council president and the vice president try to make the other person confess first. Who will be the victor in the end? This work is inspired by the anime 'K...
Unconditional Love by AnemicBunnicula
Unconditional Loveby Anemic Bunnicula
What do you think unconditional love means? To love your partner till death parts? To care for your significant other through the thin and thick sides of life? To Nurse...
Start Up! [ Trash of the Count's Family x Eleceed ] by HTMLAnonymous
Start Up! [ Trash of the Count's Anon
[ Title might change in the future ] Tip! Don't catch the eye of a god or else you'll face an endless amount of struggles. Unfortunately for Cale, he's always been one u...
Oh, Hello There by Opacarofile
Oh, Hello Thereby Opacarofile
How I want Alcale to meet Aka, Alberu met Cale while he was bathing. On the way to the lake, he felt it again, the exasperation and giddiness. Assuming that it was not a...