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Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainer by ImGokuaweeb
Tomboy Incineraor x Pokemon Trainerby ImGokuaweeb
Incineraor is a 6ft 5in Fire/Dark type pokemon who's a little too much for trainer. While it looks like she gives her trainer a hard time she actually cares deeply for t...
Confide In Me| Paused by lavan_writes
Confide In Me| Pausedby lavan_writes
Chin up sweetheart, she'd kill to see you fall." "You'd let me fall?" She asks. "Fuck no, I refuse to let her or anyone else experience happiness by...
The Bad Boy kissed Me  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy kissed Me by Slytherin
Xena deli is california's badass She causes havoc everywhere She's a party animal but what happens when one day she's gets kicked out of her 23rd school and her parent...
Second Chances by Serena_Bookss
Second Chancesby S
Scarlett Anderson, is a 16 year old girl who lives with her mother. It's always been just them two. They always had a good relationship but because of an incident that h...
His Hidden Luna  by toxic_girl2002
His Hidden Luna by Slytherin
Maddy Smith, a 17 year old lone wolf Her mom and dad are dead as they were killed by another pack when she was only 10 years old which made her go into foster care But...
I'm the gang leaders sister by toxic_girl2002
I'm the gang leaders sisterby Slytherin
'W-who are you' 'Who did u think im the gang leaders sister'... when Scarlet king was 9 and her older brother Blake kings was 12 their mother had died and their dad has...
the bad boy and the bad girl (completed) by toxic_girl2002
the bad boy and the bad girl ( Slytherin
Adrian winters is as cold as her name . Her piercing cold eyes cut like glass and she owns the most feared gang in all of california The Venom Biters But when she gets...
The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed)  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed) by Slytherin
Avery quinton, a bad girl that got in trouble, got dettention and didn't give a fuck about anything But they didn't know she's a gang leader and not just of any gang. T...
CONTROL by a0quaa
CONTROLby a0quaa
Read the book and you'll see .
I stole the gang leaders phone  by toxic_girl2002
I stole the gang leaders phone by Slytherin
Luna martines Abandoned at the age of 3 and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage Growing up for her was difficult House from house States from state But when she...
The stranger in the dark one shot  by inonna_
The stranger in the dark one shot by <3 inonna <3
Marley is a girl at her brothers party and is going to go upstairs until she meets someone on the way.
the bad boy stole my bike  by toxic_girl2002
the bad boy stole my bike by Slytherin
Jade west is a normal, typical girl Her favourite colour is pink and- Hold up bitch please with that Jade west is the baddest bitch of them all She's 17 and parties ha...
A Little Brother's Revenge (A 13 Reasons Why fanfic.) by Uzamaki-nii-chan
A Little Brother's Revenge (A 13 Uzamaki-nii-chan
You're name is Dean Baker, the younger brother of Hannah Baker who started his freshman year when Hannah started her sophomore year. Take a journey through this heartbre...
StaticMoth🖥️🦋  !ONE-SHOTS BOOK! by JambalayaIsLife
StaticMoth🖥️🦋 !ONE-SHOTS BOOK!by JambalayaIsLife
This is a static moth one shot book, i basically am Making this for my best friend, sage, SO HI SAGE IF YOUR READING THIS!! I will be adding the 2 one shots from my ot...
~Keep your favorite cards close~ (HuskerDust. Storyline and smut!) by EggsBenz20
~Keep your favorite cards close~ ( •~ Aggressive Egg ~•
This Huskerdust story won't be in line with the main story. also smut, swearing, and abuse warnings ⚠️!!
My dad sold me to a gang leader  by toxic_girl2002
My dad sold me to a gang leader by Slytherin
Eva ferrari, dauhter of alex Ferrari Alec is a feared gang leader with the police, FBI, CIA and even more gangs in his fist except for one The knock outs, the most fea...
My Bad Boy Alpha  by toxic_girl2002
My Bad Boy Alpha by Slytherin
Alexa winters, a nerdy ordinary 17 year old girl Basically a no body in school She lives alone, hiding away from social services and from that jail she calls an orphan...
ADDICTED(ft Aidan Gallagher) by NadeneTheunissen3
ADDICTED(ft Aidan Gallagher)by TheBoredGirl!!
One week later after y/n got suspended she finds out that 17 year old celebrity,Aidan Gallagher transferred to her school. Will there attraction for eachother go furthe...
Fuck Like a Maverick  by jezziebel
Fuck Like a Maverick by Jezziebel
Macy Maverick comes from a well known wealthy family . Maverick Oil industry's they are one of the most wealthiest family's in Manhattan. When Macy's high school boyfrie...