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The Aliens Pet by -DyslexicTwat-
The Aliens Petby DyslexicTwat
What happens when a boy with anxiety gets abducted by aliens? Read 'The Aliens Pet' to find out *a human pet story*
His Curious Little Pet by ReptileKid
His Curious Little Petby Tomu Havens
I was taken, put in a box, looked at, violated, and then, i was taken away to a place filled with white suited men. Only one was nice, I call him doctor.
𝐋𝐈𝐅𝐄 by GabriellaPalm
𝐋𝐈𝐅𝐄by ✨Z. Dragonborn✨
Would you kill for freedom? Somewhere in the Cretaceous period, a young Spinosaruos female is captured by strange alien-looking creatures that have come to her territory...
Who We Become (Power Rangers Ninja Steel) by browhal1
Who We Become (Power Rangers browhal1
Destiny is a funny thing. The promise of future events- though not always how one would expect. Brothers Brody and Aiden Romero didn't know they were destined to be powe...
The Cracks in the Labyrinth by ChristianNava0
The Cracks in the Labyrinthby Christian Nava
Evoking the paranoid tension of Rosemary's Baby and the unnerving atmosphere of the cult horror film Jacob's Ladder, The Cracks in the Labyrinth is a disturbing psycholo...
My Best Friend's Cousin by Disneyfan_1235
My Best Friend's Cousinby Disneyfan_1235
(Jake Pearson x OC) When Tom Pearson, his best friend Mia Cassidy, and his family spend the summer holiday with his family, Mia learns two things: 1) His cousin, Jake, i...
stories of monsters, mysteries and the unkown by alienboygiganplanet2
stories of monsters, mysteries Pat Garl
warning this book of stories contains some stories of near death experiences, swearing, violence's, and if you have these phobias on this list here
The Oddities Of Grand Marquis - Book 1: Galactic Seed ✔ by strawberryichigo15
The Oddities Of Grand Marquis - Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 1 in mpreg 1 in scifi Max Taylor has been missing for months, having been abducted by aliens against his will when he was walking home from the store one n...
Caught and Released by Samseahorse8
Caught and Releasedby Sam
Daniel gets abducted and then rescued. AKA I needed a fluffy abduction story so I wrote a fluffy abduction story! Feel free to comment! I would love to know what you guy...
In Search Of Home - One-Shots by RegTheRag
In Search Of Home - One-Shotsby Reg
One shots of my story, In Search of Home! Primarily, these focus on characters other than Viktor or Vok'Rul :) There will be some AUs about the original story told from...
Owned by An Alien Company by NekoKat1987
Owned by An Alien Companyby Katrina
Chloe had just fallen asleep, when an alarm filled her ear. Her eyes opened to only see white surrounding her, didn't take long to realize... this wasn't her room. Wrigg...
Hollowed by ktflynn
Hollowedby kfo
What would you do if you woke up on another planet? Would you be afraid? Would you try to escape? Or would you adapt? When Minn Earthborn wakes on Omega Six, she learns...
Space Bound Skald by 4eheretic
Space Bound Skaldby 4eheretic
Set in the Jenkinsverse, though by no means canon or consistent with the ongoing stories. Furthermore, the chapters are going to be grossly inconsistent in length, and...
I am Rome (Complete) by EdwardMullen
I am Rome (Complete)by Edward Mullen
Seventeen-year old pizza delivery boy Joe Smith lives a simple life - he has a bike, a job, and a crush on a girl. That's about it. He doesn't have dreams beyond working...
Cursed by Humanity by CaitRoseCo
Cursed by Humanityby Caitlin Rose
Diana is utterly alone, the only modern human left, waking up in a truly alien world. Born in the early 2000s, Diana was diagnosed with brain cancer at only 21 years old...
Sector 51 by SARobinson
Sector 51by Sean Robinson
Stephen Damien isn't your ordinary American Hero. In the year 2078 he has been selected as the first man to ever enter hyperspace and visit another star on the supervess...
Veronica's A drink by souravdeka7
Veronica's A drinkby Sourav Deka
Every Saturday night Veronica enjoys in her friend's club. But one day a mysterious stranger buys her a drink, a special drink that turns her into some weird creature. W...
Nights with the Alien by cutespaceship
Nights with the Alienby cutespaceship
Holly becomes the test subject to an emotionless alien. What was meant to be nothing more than nightly science experiments, evolves into something more as the alien find...
The Light by the_quiet_void_
The Lightby S. Myers
A woman goes to her grandparents for a few weeks every year. This year was supposed to be like any other, but this time it was more of a nightmare than anything else.
My Spy Boy (BoyxBoy)  by White0anaconda
My Spy Boy (BoyxBoy) by White0anaconda
This is my first wattpad story so sorry if it's bad! Warning mentions : Sexual assault, suicide, self harm, swearing, tiny smut ================================= What h...