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Max and Rachel Fall in Love by DaddyJay497
Max and Rachel Fall in Loveby Juls Ruth Black
Two girls fall in love and Max finally comes to terms that she loves Rachel more than she did before.
Life Is Strange: Visions by BlueButterflyAP
Life Is Strange: Visionsby BlueButterflyAP
Max Caulfield has had a strange few months. She discovered she had time rewind powers, solved the disappearance of a missing teenage girl, and saved her best friend Chlo...
Life is Strange Group Chat. by estlbrty
Life is Strange Group lee lee
| c h a t m e s s a g e s | Max, Chloe, Rachel, Warren, Kate, Victoria and Nathan start a fun group chat. These are their messages. DUN DUN.
Something Like Happy by CynicalOptimist15
Something Like Happyby CynicalOptimist15
Amberpricefield Fanfiction AU I own NONE of the LiS characters! Please don't sue me! I hope you like this incredibly annoying ball of angst that I've been working...
❤Life is strange smut ❤ by Lifeisreally_strange
❤Life is strange smut ❤by Amberprice
This is lis smut requests are always open
Life is strange one shots  by Arielgun
Life is strange one shots by Spaceturd
Mainly : Finn x Sean & Rachel x Chloe
Life is Strange - One shots [Lis 1 & 2, Life is strange before the storm] by Kimi274
Life is Strange - One shots [Lis kim
This book will include one-shots and short stories of the whole Life is strange universe. Which means that I will try to include as many characters as possible, but just...
AmberPrice ~Best story ever~ JK by timmyisweird
AmberPrice ~Best story ever~ JKby timmyisweird
Hello! So this is a fan fiction about chloe and Rachel and umm yeah! I hope you like it and read it until you DROP!
NOCTURNE » Nathan Prescott by snxwscene
NOCTURNE » Nathan Prescottby Lu
Everybody in here just dragged their feet across the floor and stared at the walls with empty eyes -- but if you looked closely you could see their souls. How much they...
Amberpricefield Oneshots by HoneyBuddah707
Amberpricefield Oneshotsby CEO Of Mahipeko
Cuz why not. Oneshots mixing them up and putting them all together cuz they are all in love. Characterization might not be perfect at first since I haven't written...
Blue Angel [Amberprice FF] by ColdAsTheHeart
Blue Angel [Amberprice FF]by Charles
When Max moved to Seattle, Chloe was on her own. Until Rachel Amber came into her life. But can she rescue Chloe from being the wreck that she is?
Our First Time! (Smut,Hot) by Theryyx
Our First Time! (Smut,Hot)by Theryyx
This is how I imiaged Chloes and Rachels first Sex. It plays in the Life is strange before the Storm Universe. Enjoy ;)
Femslash February 2022 by HoneyBuddah707
Femslash February 2022by CEO Of Mahipeko
Not sure if this is the official list but the one I'm using let's go! Most of these are extremely short. Imma bounce around a couple of different fandoms I'll put the p...
Chloe & Rachel - - Short Stories by Theryyx
Chloe & Rachel - - Short Storiesby Theryyx
Here you find Short Stories About Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. Some are smut /some are with max /some are somethig beautiful. Have fun while youre reading.
Stay With Me - AmberPrice FanFiction by kaylaminecraft2
Stay With Me - AmberPrice AmberPrice4Life
Lets Just Completely Forget About Rachel In The Dark Room And That Never Happens And This Is The Ending All Amberprice Shippers Want! This Story Is Like Before The Storm...
What Came To Be by cashmomey
What Came To Beby Infamous Nobody
Sequel to Too Many Times I've Hoped HELLO AGAIN Have some Amberpricefield:) time to get these babies some therapy
Crossing Cliques(Life is Strange) by PidgeSteve
Crossing Cliques(Life is Strange)by The Fandom Child
In 2015 a teacher named Mark Jefferson created the Guide. The Guide spilt his school's students into Cliques. It also said which Cliques could or couldn't interact, Cros...
Closer (Amberprice FF) by jesuseatsreika
Closer (Amberprice FF)by jesuseatsreika
Chloe wants to be closer to Rachel, but will she let her? Rachel wants Chloe closer too, so what's the problem? AU somewhere right after bts where Rachel realizes her la...
Hiking with Family Amber (*Smut) by Theryyx
Hiking with Family Amber (*Smut)by Theryyx
Chloe go hiking with Rachel and her Family. How will this adventure end?