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Gentle {Logicality} by MoonGazer215
Gentle {Logicality}by Moved to AO3
Logan wasn't thrilled to go to this camp. His parents were forcing him to go. Little did he know, it would be the best thing that's ever happened to him.
Sanders School of Magic (Analogical) by CinnamonAngstRoll
Sanders School of Magic ( Cee?
6 teens. 5 abilities. 4 shared classes. 3 reasons to hate each other. 2 groups. 1 unlikely romance. Logan is 15. He's a total nerd, and he possesses the ability to mani...
I Think I've Fallen In Love by Cat-Lady-7
I Think I've Fallen In Loveby DeadPoet
Logan doesn't think he'll ever find love, but the timer on his wrist that counts down until the moment he meets his soulmate says otherwise. Also, fight me I'm an Analo...
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
Flight 214: Winged Analogical AU by kxngmxrs
Flight 214: Winged Analogical AUby King Mars
Virgil Storm is flying to London on a work trip when his plane crashes. Despite his years of hiding his wings, he reveals them to save as many people as he can - putting...
Crystals- Sander Sides AU by Lunapoop
Crystals- Sander Sides AUby Moon
(This is polysanders) Ever since the beginning, people were born with crystals. Appearing next to you once you are born. These crystals were powerful, holding an entity...
Everything's Okay When Your Hands In Mine by billythepenguin
Everything's Okay When Your billythepenguin
Human AU... Well mostly human Virgil isolates himself out of fear, only letting his childhood friend Patton close. This it until he meets a quiet nerd and can't help bu...
Sanders Sides One-shots by TrulyNothingEnds
Sanders Sides One-shotsby Corynn
Oh, c'mon, Thomas is such a cinnamon roll, I HAD to do a collection of one-shots surrounding his sides. I take requests, but I also get writer's block A LOT. Warn...
Sanders Sides Mpreg One Shots by PattonsCatOnesie
Sanders Sides Mpreg One Shotsby Fangirl in a onesie
I've recently got really into these stories for some reason and ran out of ones I like to read Here's ones I made Don't be too shy to request something :) (Cover art not...
Difference by SimplyAThought
Differenceby simply.a.thought
Everyone looked like Thomas since he's their host. Just some look a little different, especially the dark sides. Even the former ones. For example, Remus has white in hi...
Sanders Sides One-Shots by notafeeling
Sanders Sides One-Shotsby Mek
A series of one-shots of all genres taken from my Tumblr, featuring every ship (excluding ones with fanon sides or Deceit)! Separate warnings and summaries will be inclu...
~Sanders Sides Oneshots~ by saturnwritestoomuch
~Sanders Sides Oneshots~by 🛹🍄~saturn~🧷🎨
smut/fluff/angst/hurt-comfort/polyamory/etc. requests are open! UPDATES EVERY TUESDAYS + THURSDAYS
Sander Sides oneshots by RandomWriterLD
Sander Sides oneshotsby Andy : )
This is complete! If you like my one shots then there's a new book, Sanders sides oneshots; book 2 My old ones suck, I'm sorry. My new ones are better, I swear. I've pro...
~sanders sides ship one shots~  by enbyqueen23
~sanders sides ship one shots~ by Em
•Sanders sides one shots, all ships welcome (no remrom, no sweet home Alabama on THIS Christian Minecraft server) •I update at least once a week •no ship hate allowed...
The Melting Pot Complex by KnittedKneeHighs
The Melting Pot Complexby KnittedKneeHighs
'Looking for quiet roommate.' 'Located in quiet area.' 'Apartment has previously received noise complaints.' Virgil groaned and tossed his phone onto his bed, burying hi...
Sanders Sides smut shots  by f_is_for_fandom
Sanders Sides smut shots by Eden
⚠️ NSFW. Don't like don't read. requests are accepted and appreciated. will accept almost any ship or kink EXCEPT INCEST ⚠️
Sanders Sides Onshots Book 2 {COMPLETED} by Pengi11
Sanders Sides Onshots Book 2 { Elliott
Even more Sanders Sides Fun! You all wanted more, so here's another book! Requests are open, and welcomed. (I don't do side x reader.)
Sanders Sides ONESHOTS by AngstyRatt
Sanders Sides ONESHOTSby no
Discontinued. Maybe a few short chapters here and there
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2  by ringpopprince
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2 by ☠️🤘🏻☠️
My second book of Sanders sides oneshots. I write for all ships. Hope that you enjoy, and if you do read it then thank you! Thanks to my girlfriend Winchester_At_Heart...
Lovely. (Analogical) by RealityHologram
Lovely. (Analogical)by Moonshine
This is a tale about a cursed soul who was tormented. It was believed, it scared children away, the parents got worried so they relayed the news to the royalty to do som...