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antecedent - f. weasley by Siriusly-potter-
antecedent - f. weasleyby Siriusly-potter-
"You're quite skilled in the area of excuses, aren't you Ellie Darling." "Don't you two get any ideas." "The ideas are already flowing, El!&qu...
Dripping Black (Harry Potter) by XMissGalaxyX
Dripping Black (Harry Potter)by Jana
An Obscurial is a young wizard or witch who developed a dark parasitical magical force, known as an Obscurus, as a result of their magic being suppressed through psychol...
Trophy wife || Lucius Malfoy x Reader || by SryDaddyIvebeenbad
Trophy wife || Lucius Malfoy x SryDaddyIvebeenbad
Y/N Black had just turned seventeen and is therefore expected to marry. Her father has arranged what he calls " a proper pure blood match" for her, but Y/N is...
searching - f. weasley by Siriusly-potter-
searching - f. weasleyby Siriusly-potter-
"I mean you own a dragon for goodness sake!" "Well first off, I don't own a dragon." *Prisoner of Azkaban* *Book 1* *Fred Weasley*
subsequent - f. weasley by Siriusly-potter-
subsequent - f. weasleyby Siriusly-potter-
"Stop checking out my arse, Black!" "I just can't help myself, Weasley!" *Order of the Pheonix* *Book 3* *Fred Weasley*
The Life of Cassiopeia Lyra Black by reg_arcturus_black
The Life of Cassiopeia Lyra Blackby reg_arcturus_black
This is the story of Cassiopeia Lyra Black, the daughter of Regulus Black, Niece of Sirius Black, and God Daughter to Severus Snape. Mother of Cassiopeia is to be discov...