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Jackie Celeste Jiminez, a rose among thorns, a wild beast and untamed lioness. She always believe that she is inlove to someone the same sex as her, Felliz Natividad. Bu...
The True Dominator of Wolvendom by GurkanKira
The True Dominator of Wolvendomby Inferno180
In this universe, Razor has to fight Andrius to become the new Dominator of Wolvendom. Andrius- ever since he let his physical body to die- had become a corrupt soul and...
Anagapesis (VUGS #6) by LaiWE_
Anagapesis (VUGS #6)by LaiWE_WP
[Vasco Uptown Gang Series 6] Andrius Marcko Jimenez
Not His One by mywrittenwords
Not His Oneby [] [] []
| A Selection Series Fanfiction | Elora Westons is best friends with Prince Andrius and they have been ever since they were four years old. But when Elora is entered in...
Ti Si Bila Ta by sekacita
Ti Si Bila Taby djevojka_sa_zelenim_salom
Lucas je Spanjolski vojnik,koji osjeca posljedice rata i ne moze da vodi normalan zivot.Ubrzo se zaljubljuje u jednu djevojku i tada ce se zapitati jeli vrijedan spašava...
INTROVERT'S CONFESSION by yellena_rischerish
INTROVERT'S CONFESSIONby yellena_ris cherish
have you experienced regretting why you were born that way and try to compare yourself to others? It is painful realizing that no matter how hard you tried to be better...
Wolfirius x scaramouche || Genshin Impact || by ilovetaehyunkang
Wolfirius x scaramouche || arya
I worked hard on this so you better like it 💪🏼😡
Operation: Chasing Mr cold Hearted by msaundauntedope
Operation: Chasing Mr cold Heartedby QueenBitché
Natalia Ramos is an independent woman. She will do everything to only get what she wants, even if she die. Andrius Natividad a emotionless cold hearted person a tall gu...
The Swap of Wit, Strength, and Heart by Kazoosrkewl
The Swap of Wit, Strength, and Pearl
What happens when each attributes of our main characters are switched? Anne-Wit Sasha-Heart Marcy-Strength
Between Shades Of Gray - Fanfiction by wallydashal
Between Shades Of Gray - Fanfictionby wallydashal
This is a story about Between Shades of Gray, one of my favorite books in the world. This is what happened AFTER the story ended. WARNING -- DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU WANT...
Give Me A Chance by Ms_Crazygurl
Give Me A Chanceby zee
There are people who are meant to meet each other, but are not destined for each other. There's also a saying 'Right time, wrong person' and vice versa 'Wrong person, ri...
The Lawyer's Dreams by AdrianJames701
The Lawyer's Dreamsby Adrian James
James Anderson Washington a law student who experienced a tragic accident that will change his life forever. Started: March 16,2021 Finished: ---------
Possessive File🥴🥴 by Na13Ja
Possessive File🥴🥴by Deadly_Witch
Credits To The Real Owners