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Beautiful Remains by xbandxficsx
Beautiful Remainsby xbandxficsx
"Because I'm afraid that if I see you cry in front of me, I'll apologize and beg for you to be mine, but I can't do that," "Why not?" "I can't h...
That time I met you Andy by RebelRoyaleX
That time I met you Andyby Rebel
After a really harsh breakup, Andy hasn't been himself most of the time. Raven, a mute girl comes into the guys lives. Can she change Andy, or will she be pushed away wi...
My Protective Demon by rebelwithoutacause20
My Protective Demonby rebelwithoutacause20
Taylor lives life barley getting by, her dad is abusive and the only thing getting her by is music. One night when she is preforming with her band she sees him. Someth...
these darkened stars {andy biersack} by THOUTSIDERS
these darkened stars {andy ⠀
"if i stop moving, my mind might kill me." - a story of a recovering alcoholic who has too many grievances to count and a wanderer whose soul cannot be constra...
Adopted by Andy Biersack by fairly_local_bri
Adopted by Andy Biersackby Ya local gay kid
Marisa. A broken, suicidal, depressed girl. She doesn't think anything will get better, so she tries to jump off a bridge. Then, Andy stops her. What will happen after...
The Singer's Pride (Daughter of Andy Biersack) by BloodSapphire
The Singer's Pride (Daughter of 🌻 𝓢.𝓥. 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 🌻
Alexandra was the product of a one night stand her mother had with none other than Andy Biersack. Of course, she didn't know about him being her father, until one day th...
Andy biersack xMale! reader imagines by gay_AF_satan
Andy biersack xMale! reader gay_AF_satan
A bunch of imagines about Andy xMALE! Reader. Vote, comment, request. Peace!
Andy's Biersack's daughter  by XxGodessOfMischiefxX
Andy's Biersack's daughter by
Harlow a fifteen year old girl who has grown up without a dad and a mother goes wherever whenever can only rely on her best friend Eboney and her mother Kate. But what i...
Bullied by Andy by bandgirl_1784
Bullied by Andyby bandgirl_1784
How can someone look so charming but be so cold? . . . Andy Biersack is the schools bad boy and no one gets in his way. Rayn Blackwel is just another face in the crowd t...
Being His Little (Andy Biersack) ✔️ by LexusRat
Being His Little (Andy Biersack) ✔️by Mouse
Kolleen Dermott is a twenty-four year old working for Biersack Enterprises as one of his Personal Assistants. Over time Andy has taken a liking to his PA and introduces...
Facing our demons by SCSAGIVEMEANATAR
Facing our demonsby readingintherain
previously titled 'mine' He let out what sounded like a growl of pleasure before he continued to rub his fur against me. Warm tears fell down my cheeks as I realised I w...
Re-Adopted by Black Veil Brides by eternalblackveil
Re-Adopted by Black Veil Bridesby Alyssa 💖
An orphan named Audrey has lived in an orphanage all her life. She's bullied by the basic bitches of her school and orphanage and has been driven into self harm. But one...
Empty↝Andy Black by -sweetholland-
Empty↝Andy Blackby thomas stanley holland
Eleanor and her band are invited to be an opening act on tour, when she meets the band in person, one person, in particular, seems to set off some sort of love inside of...
My Brother's Best Friend by Andy-Batman
My Brother's Best Friendby Andy-Batman
18 year old Jenna is in love her brother's best friend! The only thing is he's dating someone else and is the lead singer of the band her brother is in. What on earth is...
little nothings || a.b. by jules_styles18
little nothings || ♡jυlιa♡
"Your lips tasted like nicotine, and I got addicted."
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy Biersack Smutt) by theonewithnovoice
Mr. kinky Biersack (Andy theonewithnovoice
Carorline Watson is 24. She is a tattoo artist and a BDSM slave. She's quite open about it. She is best friends with Andy Biersack and that's her master. Him and Juliet...
Andy Biersack - Vampire Love Story by RavenBacchlorette
Andy Biersack - Vampire Love Storyby Raven Bachlorette
Andy is on tour when he finds a girl who looks about 20 hunched up beside the bus opposite. Blood ran from her head and all Andy could do was lick his lips. But curiosit...
A Forbidden Affair ( Andy Biersack x Reader ) by epicnicegal
A Forbidden Affair ( Andy Cock Time
Working as an engaged prison guard, you become confused when one of the inmates catches your eye. Between your engagement, your job, and this newfound romance - Your sen...
Fallen Angels | Andley by negansjacket
Fallen Angels | Andleyby negansjacket
Andy is living with his wife, Juliet Simms and their child. Before Andy And BVB go on their 2017 tour, Andy and Juliet have a fight. Ashley is there to pick up the piece...
Good Girl (A.B) by harrystylesthelmol
Good Girl (A.B)by Harry Styles
Jinxx's younger sister Maddie is a goodie goodie. She has good grades, popular, is an honor band student, has an amazing baseball player boyfriend. So what happens when...