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Building Attachment by stillesther
Building Attachmentby Esther A.
After much persuasion, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker agrees to take on a padawan. Anakin's world is turned upside-down when he meets Ahsoka Tano, a passionate togruta gir...
The Unexpected Fate by Castasy
The Unexpected Fateby Addy D.
So I was bored like most people are in quarantine, and I thought of multiple theories for the Star Wars Franchise. What if Anakin had never loved Padme? What if she'd n...
Running by missroyalmess
Runningby Mac
What would happen if Ahsoka had told the council what Maul had said to her on Mandalore? Would the chancellor be stopped? Would Anakin still become Darth Vador? BACKGROU...
Signature Bonds - Star Wars TCW by FlamingStarbird
Signature Bonds - Star Wars TCWby Starbird
We all know Anakin and Ahsoka had a strong bond during the Clone Wars. But, what if they had a stronger one, keeping Anakin from falling to the Dark side, and Ahsoka fro...
You can't save your master, and I can't save mine... [Anisoka] by scftforahsoka
You can't save your master, and scftforahsoka
We all know the icon line:'You can't save your master and I can't save mine.'. It's what Ahsoka tells Ezra in the world between worlds. But what if Ahsoka can save Anak...
It's Always Been You by Little_SkyTano
It's Always Been Youby Little_SkyTano
This is a story that takes place between the finale of season 7 clone wars and a new hope, in this story Ahsoka manages to meet Anakin before Order 66 and that changes a...
Anisoka One-Shots by PJOperson18
Anisoka One-Shotsby T
Just some Anisoka one-shots that I've been dared to do. Idk how many chapters there will be, but probably some irregular updates. Hope you enjoy!
Never Forget You by BlackShadowDC
Never Forget Youby Lana
Songfic for Anisoka. Because they break me into little tiny pieces. Doesn't this song just fit them, though? Based on Season 2 Finale in Star Wars Rebels. Just a lot of...
A Path Less Taken by TheFulcrumStories
A Path Less Takenby TheFulcrumStories
A storyline if Anakin left the Jedi Temple with Ahsoka rather than remaining there. Prepare for a different way Anakin looks at the Jedi, the Sith, and his outlook on li...
I'm no Jedi ~ One Shot Sammlung by FirefighterZi
I'm no Jedi ~ One Shot Sammlungby Firefighter
Anisoka Fans aufgepasst! Meine brandneue OS Sammlung rund um Anisoka ist endlich da! Alte One Shots im neuen Style sind hier zu finden, ebenso wie neue Kurzgeschichten...
Star Wars: Downfall by The_Guy_With_Variety
Star Wars: Downfallby Hayden Bryant
This is my take on what should've happened with Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker. The story is a technical rewrite of "Revenge of the Sith", but it features Ah...
What I Never Told You (Anisoka Fanfiction) by avalira
What I Never Told You (Anisoka Ava Lira
AHSOKA, a devoted young knight, survives a weeklong battle protecting the borders belonging to the kingdom of Coruscant, her home. When she and her best friend Anakin re...
Seeking Balance by solar-Eclip
Seeking Balanceby solar-Eclip
(ABANDON) Ahsoka has been wrongly sentence to imprisonment thanks to Barriss Offee. She didn't know until a man named Darth Vader came to free her and clear her name...
slaves princess  by ahsokaskywalker059
slaves princess by Ahsoka tano
Anakin got captured suddenly ahsoka help anakin escape from her home planet
Everything has change by ahsokaskywalker059
Everything has changeby Ahsoka tano
it about ahsoka goes to schools she fall in love with her teacher Mr Skywalker . yes guy it have lux in the story
Antes que sea tarde by zoewii
Antes que sea tardeby zoewii
Anakin esta dudando si quedarse con su matrimonio o quedarse con la persona que esta siempre salvando la vida , antes de que una se vaya.
Can I save him? (Anisoka) by scftforahsoka
Can I save him? (Anisoka)by scftforahsoka
This story is a alternative ending and my own fantasy on the Star Wars Rebels S4 Ep13. if you haven't seen it I think this book has a little bit of spoilers in it, sorry...
The Spell Of Love Potion  by ahsokaskywalker059
The Spell Of Love Potion by Ahsoka tano
ahsoka went see nightsister give love potion fall with anakin
Running From the Empire  by AhsokaTanoFan46
Running From the Empire by Ahsoka Tano
after leaving the Jedi order 6 months later the events of revenge of the Sith start Ahsoka Tano comes back to the Jedi order to finish the war once and for all with her...