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Unraveling the World | HetaOni (Hetalia x Mute!Reader) by preciousprattle
Unraveling the World | HetaOni ( precious prattle
a tale in which you, the reader, have been living in a cursed mansion your whole life and must watch Italy and his friends suffer and fight for their lives. but will yo...
EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
Sacrifice II Night At The Museum [Jedtavius ONESHOT] by thequotablequincy
Sacrifice II Night At The Museum [ ミ★
[NatONI AU] Movie nights, partying, sweet couples... Life was great for everyone in the museum. But when a terrible force of evil comes again to thwart their happiness a...
Call [HetaOni Fanfiction] by jxckaxx
Call [HetaOni Fanfiction]by jackson
This is a rewrite of my current HetaOni fanfiction "Uninstall". I decided to write it again because I realized how horribly it was written and how it did not m...
HetaOni; Never forget by OtakuTaffi312
HetaOni; Never forgetby Laffa_Taffi
*ON HOLD* I actually enjoyed HetaOni. All the sad moments and few light light-hearted moments. This is a collection of quotes, scenes and head cannons for HetaOni. Warn...
Headcannons And Confessions by Lucky_Citrus7
Headcannons And Confessionsby Lucky_Citrus7
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you looked for nothing ;3
The Mansion Of Tears by Lancey_Lancelot
The Mansion Of Tearsby Your Local Lesbian
"YoU... CaN'T... E s CA pE" "May-ybe not this time, bu-t I'm sure as he-ell gonna k-keep tryin-g!" ~~~~~~~ "I'm sic-ck of seeing e-everyone that...
BAKAS by storm__bolt
BAKASby storm__bolt
The story of 6 descendants from great warriors and a battle against Angels and demons, friend against friend, good vs. evil
Plate Shards [Ao Oni Fanfiction] by Ciel__Phantomhive
Plate Shards [Ao Oni Fanfiction]by Ciel Phantomhive
It's been two years since Hiroshi went with his best friends to a haunted mansion. He long ago gave up hope of seeing them again until he's visited by a spirit and asks...
Just Shapes and Oni by TheArtistTr45h
Just Shapes and Oniby Stats: Ultimate Simp
Legends said that there's a monster roaming inside the mansion at the outskirts of Paradise town, four students entered the mansion and now never getting back out. Inste...
The Run Of My Life. by senpailife
The Run Of My senpailife
I have been running for days. Why am I running? Where am I running to? I don't know. The last thing I remember was a black figure, then everything was black.
mogeko oni by aoonigirl6
mogeko oniby delaney
I'm brinnging a story from DA to wattpad!
Altered Life by crystalmarinepearls
Altered Lifeby Crystal Marine Pearls
As the leader of the Cultural Anthropology Club, Sayuri Riho intends to deliver an intriguing presentation for a school event. When the power goes out while she and the...
hetaoni, a different story by Spagoleon
hetaoni, a different storyby pvq
Up on a mountain, three hours by foot from the world summit place, there is an abandoned mansion. Not one person knows how long it has been there, who used to live in i...