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Pause (Published) by CJ_Adler
Pause (Published)by CJ
#1 Humor P A U S E 'Moments of hesitation make us human.' ~ Aqueela Lawson ...
Rewind (Completed) by CJ_Adler
Rewind (Completed)by CJ
#1 Humor R E W I N D 'A true friendship can stand the test of trial, and a true friend inspires personal growth despite the hardships.' ~ Aqueela Lawson *~**~* The girl...
Fast Forward by CJ_Adler
Fast Forwardby CJ
# F A S T F O R W A R D 'Finding your feet isn't as difficult when you're surrounded by the people you lo...
Christmas Crazies by CJ_Adler
Christmas Craziesby CJ
Join in on a two-in-one stroy as Bells, Maxipad, BoyBand and AJ as well as Em, Lan, Grey, Nance, Ry, Xave, Dean and Sarah celebrate their Christmas together. *Please not...
s i l l a g e by greyferrot
s i l l a g eby mrs. leila ferrot
(n.) the scent that lingers in the air, the trail left in water, the impression made in space after something or someone has been gone; the trace of someone's perfume. j...
[ON HOLD] Surprise? - His Bubblegum Klutz Fan-Fiction (now called Pause) by harryisamilf
[ON HOLD] Surprise? - His anatalia
[ON HOLD] 'Once a klutz, always a klutz.' Most of you have read His Bubblegum Klutz (Now called Pause), Hot Lap, Return of His Bubblegum Klutz (Now called Rewi...
Extra Scene of Rewind - Jay's POV by CJ_Adler
Extra Scene of Rewind - Jay's POVby CJ
Extra Scene of Rewind - Jay's POV This scene takes place straight after Chapter 20 of Rewind. I encourage you to read it if you've read further than Chapter 20 - so as i...
The Book of What If's by wtpdlooneytoon
The Book of What If'sby jln.lnn
What if Aqueela never left? What if she never met Jay? What if she never left New York? What if they all moved on? Just some one shots for Pause and Rewind for the reade...
Blizzard by CJ_Adler
Blizzardby CJ
'If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard' ~ Madame Chatterz Benley Macallister is on a downward spiral. Luck has never been on his side. Things go from bad t...