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Ariana's Little Sister by Disney_baby
Ariana's Little Sisterby Disney_baby
Skyler Grande, 14 years old living her not so normal life in Boca with her unhappily married parents. And yes, of course she is the sister of the Ariana Grande. As both...
Bullied-a Justin bieber and Ariana grande story by kibmus
Bullied-a Justin bieber and Akio🕷
Ariana grande a girly unpopular 17 year old girl who gets bullied By schools most popular , Justin bieber. But ARiana changes , but will badass ariana ever be what she...
into you//imagine  by kaigreykai
into you//imagine by GREY
(no this is not a ariana imagine book, that's the title)
Fifty Shades of Bieber // jb & ag fanfic by bluebyrdies
Fifty Shades of Bieber // jb & bluebyrdies
When a literature student goes to interview business tycoon Justin Bieber, her world is flipped upside down. The innocent Ariana Grande starts to develop an emotional co...
Ariana Grande Facts by BelovedMuffin
Ariana Grande Factsby BelovedMuffin
Story's title says it all Highest Rank: #2 on ariana grande facts SECOND BOOK OUT NOW !!!
facing my fears (girl x girl ariana grande imagines) by wueu2w2uwu
facing my fears (girl x girl …
Basically imagines except each of them is about Y/N facing one of my fears and Ariana being there for her. I came up with this idea because I was writing a chapter in on...
Tattooed Heart(Michael Jackson And Ariana Grande Fanfic) by KKDRAGONFLY15
Tattooed Heart(Michael Jackson Keshia Kamies
Ariana Grande and Michael in have been friends since 1982.Both of them are the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.After something tragic happens at one of Arian...
Justin Bieber's Love Child  by perrysprism
Justin Bieber's Love Child by perrysprism
Justin Bieber is one of the ultimate pop sensations worldwide. He's about to release a new album, he's in love with his beautiful girlfriend, and he's 17 years old. He's...
Seeing Double (Ariana Grande Sister Fanfic) by arianarosegrey
Seeing Double (Ariana Grande ♡ Ariana Rose♡
Samantha is normal teenager; she attends high school, hangs out with friends and drinks way to much Starbucks for her own good. But Samantha has a secret, her older sis...
Better With You// Petiana (ON HOLD) by daddyydobrik
Better With You// Petiana (ON HOLD)by ??
The chamber of secrets has been opened...
Ariana Grande Facts ✍ by howyoulikemeow
Ariana Grande Facts ✍by howyoulikemeow
She so into you & you also might be into these facts, here is part 2 of Ariana Grande Facts. ✖ Enjoy it! BTW, we started on Fact #22 because, before this one there is a...
Ariana Grande Facts ✍ by howyoulikemeow
Ariana Grande Facts ✍by howyoulikemeow
she's a dangerous woman ❤❤❤ ✖ Here are some facts about your girl Ariana Grande. ✖ BTW follow me on twitter @howyoulikemeow always and I hope you like em (:
Breaking Free by lovemeharduh
Breaking Freeby lovemeharduh
Sold-out shows, adoring fans, loving relationships. The perfect life-right? - Ariana goes through a world of terror and change as she deals with boys. Her family, frie...
Ariana Grande Facts❤ by Grande_Eilish13
Ariana Grande Facts❤by Grande_Eilish13
these are some facts about ariana grande that yoy may or may not know! (PLEASE NOTE: I GOT THESE FACTS OFF OF WATCHING VIDEOS OF ARIANA BECAUSE I AM AN ARIANATOR)
A beauty and a beast [An Ariana Grande FanFic] by FrenchieDe
A beauty and a beast [An Ariana FrenchieDe
What if a powerful witch cast a spell on Ariana? What if Ariana was no longer 'Ariana Grande' and that that nobody could recognise her? The only way she can get her old...
Dangerous Woman  by HotlineBlingOfficial
Dangerous Woman by HotlineBlingOfficial
Ariana Grande the famous Pop star is struggling to write her next album. A slump that she can't seem to be at our of. She just got out of a relationship with The famous...
much love, Ariana by muchloveAriana
much love, Arianaby much love, Ariana
always wanted to know how Ari lives her life? this is your chance to step into the life of Ariana Grande. ♡ have fun reading it
Ariana Grande's Sweetener/Thank U, Next World Tour Facts [COMPLETED] by MBell1_JHughes86
Ariana Grande's Sweetener/Thank MBell1_JHughes86
Facts & Figures about Ariana's 3rd tour based on her 4th and 5th studio albums!!