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Los best friends by merylexi
Los best friendsby merylexi
Pues it's my first and it's about two best friends that like each other but to scared to tell each other, Also, they might be a lover triangle.
Cursed | Armando Salazar x OC by LisaMuller5
Cursed | Armando Salazar x OCby Lisa Muller
Cold. That's all Capitán Armando Salazar felt for twenty-five years. Cursed by the Devil's Triangle, he swore to have his revenge on the Sparrow one day, even if it mea...
gabenotbabe- only child, only lover , only girl by oblisiv
gabenotbabe- only child, only Emileeee
R.i.p. to gabe and my condolence goes out to any close friends and family of his I just wanna say I do write tons of book but i usually don't publish until a right tim...
La cuadri by alonda_07
La cuadriby alonda_07
Y/n love balies and hang out with her friends and her sister but she starts to fall for her sister friend...until... No s m u t!!!
The Spanish Pirate ( Captain Armando Salazar Fan fiction ) by mercury2mars_writing
The Spanish Pirate ( Captain Avalon
These characters don't belong to me except Pablo and the main character Rubariah and some other ocs. The rest belongs to the writers of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Me...
To break the curse of Flying Dutchman, Captain Jack Sparrow and Henry Turner embark on a mission to find the Trident of Poseidon. They also try to stop Captain Salazar w...
A takuache love story! by fwtxnereyda
A takuache love story!by fwtxnereyda
This is the story where Y/N meets the the love of her life...I think🧍‍♀️
The Prince of Avalor by Cupcakegirlpower
The Prince of Avalorby Cupcakegirlpower
Elena of Avalor AU. Prince Mateo is lonely, but strives to be the best prince he could be. It was his duty to the people, but being sheltered from the world outside the...
Predator and Prey by CandyTh3D0g
Predator and Preyby CandyTheDog null
In 1938 Tom Riddle entered his first year of Hogwarts. But what if we follow the story of a different character from that time? Perhaps two characters? Let's focus on tw...
esa jodida sonrisa - 𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐯𝐨𝐥𝐤𝐨𝐯 𝐲 𝐭𝐮  by laput4chicavampiro
esa jodida sonrisa - 𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 lelyy_laborracha
Por culpa de una jodida sonrisa su vida cambió por completo Que creias que pasaría si una psicópata se enamora de un comisario Sólo una chica como ella era capaz de enam...
Cute couples by vry8e8738
Cute couplesby vry8e8738
You saw this fine tacuache and his friends and then you statered dating him .
Elena Of Avalor One Shots by GabrielleWarren
Elena Of Avalor One Shotsby Gabrielle Warren
Lovely oneshots for Elena of Avalor
※ [One-Shot] España Rp ※ by comisariavod134
※ [One-Shot] España Rp ※by Pomelo
Simplemente pequeñas historias que me invento para entretener.
Strangers Into Lovers  by RiyaJohn753
Strangers Into Lovers by Riya John
"As she put her feet on the road, she started walking, not knowing that the truck was coming fast to her side. A hand grabbed her out of the way holding her flush...
Por una eternidad by Wolfita_En_Paz
Por una eternidadby Wolfita
Este FanFic esta inspirado en el anime de Sailor Moon de ESPAÑA. Eso significa que algunos personajes se llaman diferente. Luego de la muerte de Sailor Moon, y sin la p...
Armando El Rompecabezas. by 05TioTigre
Armando El Cactus :v
Eres un Joven de Nombre Wilson, Despiertas un día Normal en tu casa Donde solo viven Tu madre, Tu padre y Tú, serás puesto a prueba al encontrar un viejo papel en la rec...
The Lunar Cycles by eygptainprincess1451
The Lunar Cyclesby Leslie
Once long ago lived a group of people called the Lunar Cycles. This group of people had special powers that only they possessed.
jazlyn x armando, the story of my life by Oikawas78thWaifu
jazlyn x armando, the story of Oikawas78thWaifu
Jazlyn really liked srmando, but he judt didnt feel the same way back. ever since he tirned her down, shes been trying to get him to nitfe her. lets see if she succeds
Don't lie to me by _am_here_
Don't lie to meby
Hi am Natalia, And this is my love story. So first there is my best friend Zoe, her brother just went to jail and then a new guy started at my class he was so hot, I lik...
Armando x Kailea by enmuswifeforlife
Armando x Kaileaby enmuswifeforlife
Armando meets the woman of his dreams.