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Raising Karma  by kentrellpluskids_
Raising Karma by kentrellpluskids_
A NBA Youngboy & Samaria J. Story
Fatherless/Yb story(slow updates) by jaylamarie345
Fatherless/Yb story(slow updates)by jaylamarie345
Jayami Gaulden(jay-ah-me)thinks she's missing someone important in her life but never knew who...😶find out who's she's missing in her life by reading the story👍😀
🌹 Rose: The billionaire's ex wife by louis24lover
🌹 Rose: The billionaire's ex wifeby louis24lover
ROSE: They say every Rose, has its thorns, well I do too. Meet Rose Bennet, wife of Michael Bennet... Sorry I mean ex wife. Wow to say I didn't see it coming would be a...
The Paparazzi  by everything_annie7
The Paparazzi by everything_annie7
You know Annie and Hayden have their chemistry as well as Kenzie and Johnny.. or do you ? Publicly Annie is Hayden's girlfriend but behind closed doors it's a different...
You And I by DaintyBabyy
You And Iby Jada
Mia, She was just a girl who worked at a corner store. She had a sorry excuse of siblings. Her mother and father were never there for her. The only person who was there...
Ain't Life Grand? (Cristiano Ronaldo) by annielovesnekos
Ain't Life Grand? (Cristiano annie
Adeline Ackers never even thought of falling in love. She was young she had every right to go out partying and make friends and just be care free. Her mother was a fashi...
streaks ✰ ashannie by HOGWHORES
streaks ✰ ashannieby em
-ˋˏ🌱🌿🐚・ 。゚✧: *.☽ ─── [THIS STORY WILL BE DISCONTINU...
What Now? | Armani & Fifth Harmony Fanfiction by _arianna_katelyn
What Now? | Armani & Fifth _arianna_katelyn
After unexpectedly getting pregnant by Arin Ray at the tender age of 17, Normani Hamilton decides to quit Fifth Harmony for good.
A One Direction Summer (Completed/Finished) by It_Will_All_Work_Out
A One Direction Summer ( Wanderlust
Prolog: Scarlett is the typical 18-teen year old rebel with an edge toward fashion. She is known as the untouchable hot blonde, who doesn’t care for anyone other than he...
✨Highschoolers ✨ by woodnss
✨Highschoolers ✨by Johanniesszz
Johnny and Jules high schoolers with there friends and they start to fall in love with each
Bad Girls Always Win. by PoetsGarden
Bad Girls Always Sarah Rose
Katarina Wentworth's life did a 180 turn when her father thought it was time for her to settle down. He didn't like her playboy life and neither did her mother. So when...
Photographs in the Park (Laurmani) by Mr_Pibb
Photographs in the Park (Laurmani)by Mr_Pibb
Lauren Jauregui is a print model struggling to support her younger sister and herself in a new city. Falling in love with a shy photojournalist named Normani Hamilton te...
Knight in Shining Armani by plook7
Knight in Shining Armaniby plook7
Pasha seemed to have everything until her parents decided to put her in a public school. Being homeschooled all her life is going to prove to her that this transition is...
Touch me (/; by savagz_love
Touch me (/;by savagz_love
When a sexy girl Armani meets a sexy boy devin cross eachother in the school halls it's like love at first sights she's at his football games practised and he watches he...
Look At Us Now  by queenstoriesxx
Look At Us Now by
just read it, it's worth it 🤪
Piece of Me(Sequel to Wonder Woman ) by queenajaylove
Piece of Me(Sequel to Wonder Ajay Love
Armani and Trey are back and let's just say that these two go through a lot. There's going to be a lot of criticism towards they're relationship and its gonna get worse...
Our Love Story💘💘  by writingawaymylife
Our Love Story💘💘 by writingawaymylife
Jayden and Armani don't expect to fall in love in ninth grade. When they meet, everything changes, and they begin the most epic love story of their lives.