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TroubleMaker (Twilight) (Editing) by lele_tiaun
TroubleMaker (Twilight) (Editing)by Malea
Alex is what you call a street rat who steals to survive in this harsh world. She didn't believe in the government and hated her parents for abandoning her to die in the...
Bright Eyed Queen by itsy_bitsy_spidey
Bright Eyed Queenby rosemary renee
maisie swan was nothing like her sister. beautiful, kind, and happy. that's what she truly was. but bella made her think otherwise. bella blamed everything on her young...
my sunshine|| A.V by vrymilky
my sunshine|| A.Vby Jude
"You're my light." "And you're mine." ||Aro V.||
Dead secrets  // Volturi Kings by im_done_with_this_
Dead secrets // Volturi Kingsby Phish
Where the sister of Bella Swan is the mate of the Volturi Kings Book 1, Dead Secrets: ✔️ completed Book 2, This Time Around: 🔆 Started Cover Art made by me Rights to S...
Ice Veins; Ice Heart by readingandreading1
Ice Veins; Ice Heartby writer-ish?
She has ice in her veins, they are frozen in time. Will love thaw the frozen heart or will the saw break on contact? Can the coldest beings connect and trust or will th...
True Blood Cullen (Volturi Kings) by iaadah21
True Blood Cullen (Volturi Kings)by Iaadah21
What if Carlisle had a daughter when he was human and what if that daughter has the power to manipulate time? What if that same daughter, Crystal Cullen, is the mate to...
Girls Like Girls » Jane Volturi by andr-meda
Girls Like Girls » Jane Volturiby andr-meda
Aurora Lindon likes girls. The problem was, she was the only out girl in Forks, and she wasn't exactly accepted by her foster parents. When she gets the chance to go to...
three's a crowd by iammidgetmike
three's a crowdby iammidgetmike
[Aro/Caius/Marcus/OC] Ophelia has been saved from her father by a vampire, and has spent her life with Vladimir and Stefan ever since. What happens if she finds out she'...
timebomb ( caius volturi ) by --timeless
timebomb ( caius volturi )by — MEGAN
she'll die loving him. in which arden black as a ticking time bomb who had accepted the inevitable explosion when caius waltzed into her life and made her wan...
Dangerous temptations ||j.v by Regs_pool_noodle
Dangerous temptations ||j.vby Reg’s_scuba_gear
Naomi swan was content in life she was popular and had a loving father although her and Bella didn't get along she still loved her. It's funny how one wrong number could...
The Missing Link  by Cennedixx
The Missing Link by ☽𝕮𝖊𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖉𝖎☾
Emogen (Emh-eh-jin) or Emmy/Emma Swan, the younger sister to Isabella Swan was kept in the dark about what the Cullens were. To her, the family was just a little differe...
Eternity {Aro Volturi} by _hedwigsrevenge
Eternity {Aro Volturi}by Hello and Whats Up
{B O O K O N E} "I use to believe that no matter what hard, cold floor I'd hit that somewhere in my life it would get better. That I would say I went through all...
Jane and Alec's mate (Bella's sister) by ncis_4ever
Jane and Alec's mate (Bella's ncis_4ever
Amalia is Bella Swans older sister. Other than bella, she had been staying with her father for most of her life. She always was a pretty outgoing person, that however ha...
Swanling (Volturi Kings) by iaadah21
Swanling (Volturi Kings)by Iaadah21
Charlie Swan had a secret. After Renee left with Bella, in his sorrow, he met a woman with whom he had a one-night stand. A year later, Snow Swan was born. But, there is...
The Musical Mind (Aro, Caius, Marcus x OC Fanfiction) by WhiteWolf815
The Musical Mind (Aro, Caius, WhiteWolf815
An FBI Agent by day, a wonderful author just about every other waking moment, and a gifted 'demonic-sensor' full time, Ambrosia 'Amber' Swan loves her home in the Big Ap...
Unloved and Unwanted? by Raindancer2004
Unloved and Unwanted?by Raindancer2004
Felix x Human reader Y/N lost her mom in a car accident and her entire life changed. She went live with the father she had never met and who never knew she existed; thus...
Immortal Bonds {AroXBella} by crimsonvolturi
Immortal Bonds {AroXBella}by B
Edward Cullen has just abandoned Bella Swan. Will Bella find salvation in a pair of crimson eyes and raven hair?
Eternal flame-volturi kings  by purple2495
Eternal flame-volturi kings by purple2495
Guinevere swan was the oldest daughter to Renee and Charlie swan. When her mother decides to follow her new husband in his career with baseball Bella goes to forks and G...
Disillusioned - (Volturi Kings) Light Carries On Endlessly Even After Death by Person7788991
Disillusioned - (Volturi Kings) Person7788991
Lyra Cullen had always been a sheep amongst a pack of wolves. Lyra Williams was a weak girl in front of her cruel parents. Lyra Cullen was a weak girl in front of her va...
Renesmee's Twin Brother  by MontyShae
Renesmee's Twin Brother by Monty
Everyone knows Renesmee Cullen right? Well if you don't you liver under a rock. Well what if Renesmee has a younger twin who is hated by Edward, Bella and Renesmee, hers...