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Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [Completed] by caseylove01
Crumbled dreams ( forthbeam) [ caseylove01
he was standing beside his husband, in the altar. Trying best to contain his tears as guest were congratulating him and his now husband, about their marriage. He didn't...
Love Binds Us (COMPLETED) by dreamy_brain
Love Binds Us (COMPLETED)by Sanchi
Abhimanyu Malhotra and Shivani Khanna had been school mates and best of friends..... But the rejection brought them apart!!! After years both were tied in the knot of ma...
Raghvi Short Stories by shivangik10
Raghvi Short Storiesby shivangik10
Hey I am back with new story on our favourite couple raghvi It may include saishi but on public demand Most recent ranking #1 raghav #6 pallavi #4 Saree ka dukan
Arrange Marriage [Completed] by taaniry
Arrange Marriage [Completed]by Tania Roy
#4 in swasan stories A Swasan Story Destiny made swasan marriage. Swara is bold and intelligent. How she will make the arrogant Sanskar fall for her??
Unloved Forever - Indian Story  by bookworm1545
Unloved Forever - Indian Story by bookworm1545
Hello guys this is my first I hope k u all will support me . There may be many mistakes so read at your own risk This is the story about a cute bubbly happy do...
My Healer by Ravneet348
My Healerby Ravneet
Manya a depressed soul who loves her family a lot but what happens when her family disowns her and hurt her that intense that no one Can survive. But she never complaint...
Runaway Fiancé || Taehyung ✓ by vignettae
Runaway Fiancé || Taehyung ✓by kuroashi黒足
"All the time, I was running away from you. Not knowing, you were the one I wanted" • • • • • • • • In which Taehyung's dad decides to arrange him to someone c...
Arrange To Love | KTH  by _Lee_Mia_
Arrange To Love | KTH by LeeMia
Y/n getting forced by her parents to marry Mr. Cold CEO Both of them were complete stranger to each other until one... Enjoyyyy :) Started on : 24th October 2021 Ended...
THE OTHER WOMAN💘💘💘  by Rukky360
THE OTHER WOMAN💘💘💘 by Rukky360
He despises her presence She cherish his presence He hates her She loves him His heart belongs to someone Her heart belongs to him Jeremy has no eyes for any one but M...
The Psychopath Groom by YourPsychodreams
The Psychopath Groomby Edna Bruce
Subtitle: Revenge To Her Nemesis [THE SLOWBURN SERIES BOOK2] ~ "I cannot fake a care for you, sweetheart," He stroked her chin, catching the strand of tears th...
Shooting Stars  by starryywings
Shooting Stars by ❀ ISHA ❀
Radhika is an orphan living with her uncle and aunt who are behind her father's property under her name. She runs away from her house and starts living with her best fri...
Our Arranged Story (Sandhir)[√] by A_rebelliousdreamer
Our Arranged Story (Sandhir)[√]by Shrinkhla singh
A short story on Indian arrange marriages. How two strangers are bound in the sacred knot by their families and with the passage of time love finds it's way. No twists a...
my destiny is you by Loveyboy1
my destiny is youby Lovey boy
this is my first ff please compromise guys if I do any mistake because I am not good in this type writing I just try .... please support me in this ok now I describe sto...
A Marriage without Love by IkshiCutestar
A Marriage without Loveby Ikshi
Tatianna Huston, a girl who is scared to fall in love as she believes that if she falls no one will be there to catch her and she will wake up on cold concrete. She had...
MR. AND MRS. STETHOSCOPE  by sumellikawriter
MR. AND MRS. STETHOSCOPE by sumellika×nitu
Hola , it's my first attempt to write a story.. I read some books and got a slightest idea about how to write. Please give it a try, and feel free to tell me if I made...
Married to Sasuke Uchiha [COMPLETED] by LunaInTheSkye
Married to Sasuke Uchiha [ Lunaea Diamondz
Naruto dumps Sakura, telling her that he's been dating Hinata behind her back. She runs and bumps into Sasuke. After a coincident, Sasuke forces her to marry him. When S...
❤️ Collection of Short stories❤️ Completed stories will be marked completed! 1.) Obsession or Love. (✔) <🔫4 shot> 2.) Would There be a Cupid in my Life? (OnG~) 3...
Mr & Mrs Workaholic (BTS Jungkook FF) by celovedrama
Mr & Mrs Workaholic (BTS Chee
HIGHEST RANKING IN ARRANGED MARRIAGE #1 HIGHEST RANKING IN BLACKPINK #2 • Extract • "I have 3 rules for you Park Chae-, or should I now say Jeon Chaeyoung:" h...
Bound By Vows (Completed) ✔️ by writer_piaa
Bound By Vows (Completed) ✔️by writer_piaa
#6 in Romance 26-11-2020 A sharp pull by my wrist brought me back to the wall. I hold my breath for a moment. "what the hell" I cussed. "Shh, baby gir...
«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JK ✔ by gigiloveskookie
«Tangled || 엉킨» J•JK ✔by ♕GIGI✓
|•|•|•|•| This is a story where Jong Jinae is Arranged with Jeon Jungkook even before she was born. But what happens when they meet each other after they turn 18. Will...