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50 Things To Do When You're Bored by myhonestopinion
50 Things To Do When You're Boredby Ashby Occur
*Disclaimer: Although what is included on these lists may sound fun, not all of the subjects within this book are appropriate for all, if any, conditions. This book is p...
What's Wrong With Us? {Cashby} by Driftwood_Heart
What's Wrong With Us? {Cashby}by Ginger Princess 👑
Alan's finally decides to tell his parents his secret. He's tired of living his life in the closet, but what happens when his parents don't have the reaction he expected...
Thanks to you ~ A Jack Barakat Fanfiction by JayIsRlyGay
Thanks to you ~ A Jack Barakat Julia aka Jay
Life has been going downwards for Jay, ever since her and Jack separated. Jay had to move in with a friend of hers in order to get back into a somewhat normal life. She...
Open Wounds // Alan Ashby, Kellin Quinn, Oliver Sykes ✓ by no-one-gives-a-shit
Open Wounds // Alan Ashby, inactif - ou presque :)
[ histoire complète ] [ Tome 2 de Hidden Scars ] Plusieurs années après la mise en prison de Scott Sykes, Alan, Rhéa et Oliver vivent ensemble dans un petit apparte...
It Never Ends [Of Mice & Men- Alan Ashby fanfic] by Jacklyne207
It Never Ends [Of Mice & Men- Jacklyne Martin
Alan Ashby; party animal, legendary guitarist for Of Mice & Men. Harper Stein; antisocial, tattoo lover with a thing for cats and ramen noodles. When their worlds coll...
6 AM |cashby au| by missingashby
6 AM |cashby au|by missingashby
All I rememeber is his name... Austin. In just one night I knew that I had to find him. - this story is mostly or will be in Alan's POV.
The Man I Love (Cashby) by Driftwood_Heart
The Man I Love (Cashby)by Ginger Princess 👑
"You don't just leave someone you love Kellin. Yes we have a few problems but your supposed to work through them. Not just leave." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alan has...
Dreamers Forget To Leave by legendofvice
Dreamers Forget To Leaveby legendofvice
"Peace under an illusion is not true peace. It's only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it."
Blue Coffee Mugs and the Agoraphobic [boyxboy] ✔ by suckmyviclikekellin
Blue Coffee Mugs and the Shari B
Agoraphobia [ag-er-uh-foh-bee-uh] (n.) an abnormal fear of being in crowds, public places, or open areas, sometimes accompanied by anxiety attacks. Cover made by @owelle
Band Oneshots by UndecidedPerson
Band Oneshotsby UndecidedPerson
A bunch of One and Two shots about different band members like Danny Worsnop, Ben Bruce, Ronnie Radke, Oli Sykes and Jacky Vincent If you think you have seen them somewh...
Glass Heartsღ (Cashby Smut) by OliversArse
Glass Heartsღ (Cashby Smut)by Alex Turner
Well this is my first ever fanfic .. It's not the best but I like writing em' so yeah.. Anyways, enjoy perverts. ;3
Scared by Driftwood_Heart
Scaredby Ginger Princess 👑
How would you feel if you were scared of everything? The spiders that occasionally crawl across the ceiling. The thunder that booms loudly in the sky. Even your own shad...
Emma Roberts by rainbowunicorn93
Emma Robertsby rainbowunicorn93
Kurzer Einblick in das Leben von Emma Roberts. Mit ihren wichtigsten Filmen.
Fate. [Alan Ashby] by blackheartchain
Fate. [Alan Ashby]by Lex McHenry
Alexis Vincent has a happy life. She is like a little sister to the band Of Mice and Men. She also is the bands photographer and best friend of Austin. Until one day she...
The Dreamroad by obsessedwithwords99
The Dreamroadby obsessedwithwords99
"I've only ever loved two people. Now, those two people......are dead." My name is Tavia Ivory. Darkness. That's all I've ever known. My world is made up of s...
Broken, Imperfect by barlyogurt
Broken, Imperfectby NeckDeepInUrMom
*COMPLETED*BOOK 1* Alan knows how it feels to be bullied. He was the target of Ben and Danny for two years until he became friends with Aaron, Phil, and Tino. That's whe...
Bones Exposed ON HOLD by xxbrightfuturexx
Bones Exposed ON HOLDby xxbrightfuturexx
Austin was always grateful for the life he had, even if it was a crazy bumpy ride. But when he finds a way to relieve stress on an online chat room, he has no idea tha...
Shift *hiatus till summer holidays* by bandmerchandbooks
Shift *hiatus till summer holidays*by mae
The story teller by simone_ashby
The story tellerby simone_ashby
Watch and listen in as grandad Harold tells tales to his grandchildren: Karl, kevin, Colin, Kim, Paul, Sam and the others. You might as well join in too