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Oh god...I like my best friends brother...✔️ by RRitalinclub
Oh god...I like my best friends Meh
Noah Franco and Jade Gallagher are best friends. Noah has always had weird feelings for her brother, Blake which he just assumed was hate. But what happens when he sees...
All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy) by shameless24
All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy)by Irrelevant
Ash Stymest has been to foster home to foster home. No one ever wanted to keep him, but most of the time he was taken out of homes because of the abuse. He is now curren...
Creature by lone_noodles
Creatureby lone_noodles
Katherine Menson discovers an incredible creature in the woods. Little does she know, this creature will take her entire life for a joyride. How can she maintain this se...
Love Is Just A Game (BoyxBoy) by ilovekat_
Love Is Just A Game (BoyxBoy)by Kat
Riley Justice is about to discover something he never knew about himself, or perhaps something he had always known but chose to be blissfully blind to. Now, he doesn't h...
Lights Out Boys by Raathi07
Lights Out Boysby Raathi Chota
"I heard about her, she's bad for you." "Like you were any better." "She's going to ruin you." "Then let her." Blake Gunner alway...
c r u s h e s  by moonlightbabylove
c r u s h e s by moonlightbabylove
list of all my celebrity crushes
Lights Down Low (boyxboy) by yukheixx_lucasxx
Lights Down Low (boyxboy)by Anulya
smut, enemies to lovers, boyxboy
The Anatomy of Bad Boys by mchanel
The Anatomy of Bad Boysby mchanel
As he chugged the bottle of clear liquid that was tightly held in his tattooed hand, I watched his lips go to the opening and take a forbidden sip. I desperately wanted...
The Criminal (Storms Book 2) by StraightOutRebel
The Criminal (Storms Book 2)by StraightOutRebel
Jesse Slick is about to be one of the youngest gang leaders in Chicago. This is something he's always wanted, and has built his life around. Nothing will get in his way...
Cute Actors/Actresses by Chloe_Louise03
Cute Actors/Actressesby Chloe_Louise03
Send in cute actors and actresses names and why they are cute and I'll dedicate that chapter to you!
Raptors Are My Spirit Animal || A Jurassic World Fanfiction by ModeratelyMediocre
Raptors Are My Spirit Animal || denise
This is a Zach Mitchell Fanfiction. Steffi Jacobs basically grew up on Isla Nublar. Her older brother and his two friends were working on training and communicating with...
Four separate lives. by oxINDIRAxo
Four separate We_stan
Debby Ryan as Sophie Fey. Cole Sprouse as Nicholas Scott. Welcome to a relationship filled with love, hate and trust. Emilia Clarke as Aria Brooks. Zac Efron as Douglas...
Until We've Meet Again by kayainskya
Until We've Meet Againby KIS-A
Mary Chris Valentino is a 25 years old. Sya ay may sakit na acute monocytic leukemia or mas kilala sa tawag na cancer and no one can cure it even a professional doctor...
shapeshifter by his_hazel_eyes
shapeshifterby his_hazel_eyes
HI! okay i really don't know whats wrong with me, i'm over excited for no reason right now. im supposed to be in school but i didn't want to go so oh well. so here i am...
Addictions by _bobbiejane
Addictionsby B.
I believe that everybody has a story behind them... You could be really arrogant and rude but have an understandable reason for it. I, Talia Morgan, am your typical pop...
He Would Mind (HWM)  by lise_05
He Would Mind (HWM) by L SCOTT 🥀
Charles Elijah Fyre is cruel, manipulative, calculative and ruthless. He is a tattooed bad boy who is reckless and destructive living in the confines of a mansion alone...
Fight for me (boyxboy) by letshashbrown
Fight for me (boyxboy)by letshashbrown
Sorry I suck at descriptions, but um, I hope you enjoy the book.
Rebellious Addiction  by foggyfeelings
Rebellious Addiction by Foggy
I'm a prisoner to my own addiction - Unknown
Pretty Girl by kay_quirks
Pretty Girlby Kay
Blaine Kingston was never just simply another pretty girl. Hidden beneath her natural beauty and seemingly perfect skin was grit and a backbone to be gawked at.