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in another life; the maze runner by nataliesvoid
in another life; the maze runnerby nat
"you love her, don't you?" "yeah," he answered nonchalantly, as if the secret he'd been trying so hard to keep meant nothing. "me too." Mae...
Ambivalent Feelings by angelo_garnet
Ambivalent Feelingsby Angelo Caparas
Ambivalent Feelings Ambivalent Trilogy #1 Ambivalence. Uncertainty. Indecisiveness. Like normal teenagers, Arc, Sienne, and Arkin are busy figuring out whom their feelin...
Hera's Starry Revenge by kelladaru2007
Hera's Starry Revengeby Kella T. Daru
Hera deeply desires to marry King Zeus. He is the king of the Starry Kingdom, and her past lover. So, she decides to gatecrash his wedding and destroy his bride. Will sh...
Cursed to the Sea by AspiringAuthor
Cursed to the Seaby Cat
Mother may I go out to swim, Yes my darling daughter, Hang your clothes up neat and trim But don't go near the water.
Striking Back at the Veins (An Eremin Fanfiction) [SNK/AOT AU] by SykoChiwowah
Striking Back at the Veins (An SykoChiwowah
In the early 23rd century, reports of an elusive shadowed figure killing relentlessly is all the media is talking about. They call it the 'Shadowstrike' and he saved my...
The Mind of a Writer by ConsiousDreamer
The Mind of a Writerby Lisamariee
This will house a collection of different stories that I have had Ideas for and written them down over time -- months, some maybe years! I will continue posting any book...
A Collection Of Random Poems by VioletHummingbirdy
A Collection Of Random Poemsby ElsieViolet
My poems all in one place! All written from 2019 (when I was 13) up until now, when I'm 16. Some poems are unfinished. :)
Dead of Night by zombie_inspiration
Dead of Nightby zombie_inspiration
The undead eats a body, hearing noises that will attract them towards it.
U N S A I D  W O R D S by BlazingStarzz
U N S A I D W O R D Sby B L A Z I N G S T A R Z Z
He didn't care to fall in love. She didn't believe love existed. She heard his words calling and yet she ignored him. He heard her call him in pain and agony. She was l...
Zachary Pozedes : The Fallen Praetor by MyOlympianAcedamia
Zachary Pozedes : The Fallen MyOlympianAcedamia
A 15 year old boy, named Zachary Pozedes, appears with only a couple of memories: Jason, Mason, and being a son of Jupiter. Follow him in his first adventure to find the...
Echo. by LordFaqqot
#11 LordFaqqot
A typical teenage girl minding her own business and focusing on school soon realizes things aren't so normal. Her world is flipped upside down as she sees that her life...
Stuck In Time by TheFayeAdams
Stuck In Timeby ✿ Faye ❀
Everything leads back to Damon and Faye, an unpredicted love story that changes the way Faye sees the world but not for the better, for the worst Should they relive the...
Firebird of Ashes by lilyput2015
Firebird of Ashesby K W
A short story Cover illustration credits : Tumblr user foodgodworshipper
Ben And Ben Series #13: Bibingka by geespiring
Ben And Ben Series #13: Bibingkaby ᜄ̄ᜂᜇ̵̟ᜄ̊ᜀ
Ben And Ben Series #13: Bibingka "Simbang Gabi na naman Tayo gising na, patulog pa lang ang buwan" Alas-tres ng Desyembre ang isa sa mga paboritong oras ni Zyg...
The Strings That Connect Us by FosterXKeefe4ever
The Strings That Connect Usby FosterXKeefe4ever
Nadia has known she was different from age 10, she could see the strings connecting everything and everyone and manipulate them. She's always hated it, but when she find...
The Zombie by zombie_inspiration
The Zombieby zombie_inspiration
This is how the zombie apocalypse begins..
Everything I Didn't Say by fallingtoo
Everything I Didn't Sayby ugh.
*trigger warning* abuse. suicide, depression, anxiety, and mental health problems in general. if you're looking for something inherently happy or light, this isn't it. W...
A Collection of Heterophonic Short Stories and Poems by Versestarsx
A Collection of Heterophonic Paetyn Lynn
To hurt, to be hurt, to love, and to lose. A debut collection of short stories and poems from aspiring writer Paetyn Peebles. Each with a distinct moral or message, the...
Because I Believe in Magic - Thoughts and Dreams of a Teen Writer by storyworldofem
Because I Believe in Magic - E.M Redshaw
I am Em, and I write. My fingers tapping against the keyboard are thunder and rain. The pencil scraping against the paper is the screech of a dragon. Sentences create s...
The Stars Descend by Bookwyrm98
The Stars Descendby Bookwyrm98
"Strange how the purest of lights can provoke the grimmest of beasts." Millennia ago, legends arose, illuminating the stars' ascent to The Land Beyond Cloud. S...