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TREASURE. ateez by ffeverdreams
TREASURE. ateezby ㅤ
People want it. People dream about it. Being in possession of the well known treasure of the Caribbeans is everyone's fantasy. However, every journey outside the safe wa...
Inception (Ateez Ot8 x Reader) by Remedy_X
Inception (Ateez Ot8 x Reader)by Sky
"I want to know why you do it." "Why I do what." he asked, stripping off his overcoat. He flung it over the back of the couch without much thought as...
Arcus // ATEEZ ✔ by dreamperfection
Arcus // ATEEZ ✔by dreamperfection
She has her head in the clouds, but eventually she will have to come down... She holds the key that can yield the bearer the greatest power ever imagined, yet she hid it...
snapshot || woosan by spaceisnotace
snapshot || woosanby ace
instagram au: in which san is a photographer and wooyoung is an instagram model (it's soft woosan, because I kinda needed it) *will include instagram posts, texting and...
Over Books and Coffee (Seongjoong) by Baby_5hark
Over Books and Coffee (Seongjoong)by shark
Hongjoong is just a regular university student who has never really shown an interest in romance. But a lot of things can change in a short amount of time, and Hongjoong...
Nightmare | San by ateezprecious
Nightmare | Sanby ateezprecious
The sceptical girl, Byeol, gets the taste of being haunted through her foolish decisions. She quickly discovers that mental turmoil isn't the only consequence she will f...
Friend | Woosan by YUN-HAE
Friend | Woosanby ;-;
Where San's new friend lives on the other side of the forest and likes to drink hot chocolate in hot weather. "I think i just burned my tongue." "And are...
𝐅𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑𝐒 ✧ S.SANG by markleave-
✿ 𝐅𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑𝐒 ; seongsang. ❝ you're the prettiest flower i could've ever picked. ❞ in which yeosang owns a small flower shop and seonghwa comes to buy flowers from hi...
From The Shadows || Choi San by dairyminki
From The Shadows || Choi Sanby elle 💭
When the whole school is out, interesting things betide between you and Slytherin's infamous troublemaker. • ateez hogwarts au! • slytherin!san × ravenclaw!oc ♡○●○ © dai...
Treats || Woosan by hjoon04
Treats || Woosanby TAKEMEHOMEPLS
San delivers a treat on his best friends desk every day, hoping that someday he founds out he likes him. What he doesn't know is that he puts the treats on someone else'...
Airplane mode ; Yungi by aainactive
Airplane mode ; Yungiby alex !!
Mingi has social anxiety. He meets Yunho on a plane, then again at the KQ dorms. What happens next?
Horizon || ATEEZ Space AU by Tiny_tokki
Horizon || ATEEZ Space AUby Tokki
Every young student on the dying Earth wants one thing; acceptance to the Horizon Project. The opportunity to earn a spaceship, a crew, and a voyage into deep space to h...
Beneath the Surface by aTinyYunicorn
Beneath the Surfaceby MIST - ATEEZ
3 Volumes in 1 book Volume 1: Completed Volume 2: Completed Volume 3: Completed ──── ⋅ ☾ ⋅ ──── Volume 1: A SeongJoong fantasy AU Free-time artist Hongjoong meets a m...
Taken • Choi San • by YunhosFlower
Taken • Choi San •by [Jade]
She's haunted by her memories. What happens when they become a reality all over again? Can San save her?
VANISHED • seongjoong by xynlunar
VANISHED • seongjoongby cin.
➤ in the land of quirix, there lives kim hongjoong, son of the noble kim and under care of his uncle. park seonghwa, a responsible captain for starless' village when...
feels like floating (when i'm with you) - hohong by jungtaeyoongles
feels like floating (when i'm jungtaeyoongles
liking yunho is akin to the smell of rain after a bad thunderstorm, the first star that appears in the night sky, and the last drop of sunset before the night descends...
Sweet Vengeance | Seonghwa by elysianxaurora
Sweet Vengeance | Seonghwaby aurora
You and Seonghwa had the perfect love story. Chance encounter, chasing after one another, the perfect chemistry, then confessing and finally happily dating. But what hap...
I Am The Sea || Choi San by the_undecided_J
I Am The Sea || Choi Sanby the_undecided_J
I am the sea. I can not be tamed. Theodora Calvin has lived her life in the safety of noble ladyship and luxurious wealth. But when her home is invaded and she loses ev...
Best Friend || Choi San by dairyminki
Best Friend || Choi Sanby elle 💭
Grew up as childhood friends, starting from the time they're in their diapers and until now as lovely teenagers, nothing could separate them. They were glued to the hips...
There Are Multiple Importers Among Us (Yeosang X OT7) by FengHuanZheng
There Are Multiple Importers FengHuanZheng
(This is a somewhat among us plot, except that there are way more players and they actually die in real life if the imposters get them. The imposters can only get injure...