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See Me [Kaoru X Reader] by Oyster-chan
See Me [Kaoru X Reader]by Oyster-chan
It's another beautiful day at Ouran Academy. The sun is shining and the branches of the trees sway in the gentle wind, making the different colors leaves twirl down. She...
Autistic Love (Levi Ackerman x reader)  by Commander_Hange-ZOE
Autistic Love (Levi Ackerman x Commander_Hange-ZOE
alright... so you have autism and need money so you got a job at the Ackerman company and... yada yada.. -_- you'll see.
Why you? [Springtrap x <autistic> Reader] by ThePinkPlague
Why you? [Springtrap x Reader]by DoctorPink
[Temporary Cover Art] Note from the Author: Hey, this is not a serious story nor is it a parody, it's just something I'm writing for fun! Updates probably won't be consi...
The spark in her eyes (Cassandra x autistic reader) by TheCheeseBandit
The spark in her eyes (Cassandra Bandit/Madi
I got inspired to make this by my friend @NekoEntropy go show him some love pls The cover art used is mine if I use art within the story that isn't, proper credit will b...
Kirishima X AutisticMaleReader by InsomniacEli
Kirishima X AutisticMaleReaderby Eli
(Y/N) is autistic and has tics, he was a happy kid. Throughout his school life, he was bullied which got worse over time, he didn't have any friends due to moving around...
puppetpress wally darling x reader  by dragonqueen145
puppetpress wally darling x reader by dragonqueen145
so I couldn't resist anymore after seeing all the other stories and aus on this lil fella and I just adore this guy so here's my au puppetpress ! ( I'll put the story...
God I Hate This Job - William Afton x Male Reader by MANGLES_TEETH
God I Hate This Job - William VINNY
!! Art By: @fiorellapiedo !! You're an engineer, fresh out of college. In need of a job you get one at the new (and improved) Freddy's location as a mechanic. In the beg...
BNHA x Autistic Reader by Aphibibabe475
BNHA x Autistic Readerby Your Average Reader
A BNHA fan fiction with a twist of having an autistic main character. This does not mean that being autistic is her one and only trait! Instead, we follow our main prota...
Living Nightmare: Yandere LOV X Autistic Springtrap reader (Discontinued) by SlaptasticTurtle
Living Nightmare: Yandere LOV X SlaptasticTurtle
reader is male in this. bisexual, so both male and female romances. autism is a spectrum, so if things don't align with your form of autism, please don't be upset. Lemon...
let me help  todoroki x asd!reader by cens0redfeel1ngs
let me help todoroki x asd!readerby anzu:)
when y/n is accepted to UA via recommendations from a hero she help late at night, she try's to fit in and mask ever 'weird' thing about her. after being diagnosed with...
A Clown's Adoration by k1d1nspace
A Clown's Adorationby astronaut
[DISCONTINUED] (BNHA x Clown!ProHero!Reader) (Y/N) (L/N) had never been a very popular nor talkative person. in fact, people were usually terrified of them. from the pro...
Snufkin x Autistic Female Reader by Haystack103
Snufkin x Autistic Female Readerby Haystack
Plot: You go to Moominvalley for the first time. You never went to this place before. You're Autistic, meaning that you flap your hands, you talk between verbal and nonv...
" ᗰᗩᑎ ᗰY ᑎᗩIᒪՏ ᒪOOK ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎᘜ !! " by Imastealurbread
" ᗰᗩᑎ ᗰY ᑎᗩIᒪՏ ᒪOOK ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎᘜ !! "by Imastealurbread
Yᗩᑎᗪᗴᖇᗴ ᑕᖇK / ᑕᖇOᗷ ᙭ ᘜᑎ ᖇᗴᗩᗪᗴᖇ
My BFF is gay. I also gay lmao by AFruityFerret030
My BFF is gay. I AFruityFerret030
They tried seducing your friend, while your looking for a pangolin that you thought you saw and wanna take a picture of, so they could eat him. They dont often get hungr...
Dr. house has a son?/ fanfiction/ autistic male reader!| also a hilson story :3 by 4landofpeace
Dr. house has a son?/ xXautistic_ShiroXx
this book will be full of drama every update will have drama i am autistic myself and i am writing off stuff that i and stuff my friends do and traits of autism. do not...
We Signed A Contract! [Obey Me! OC reader fic] by thespookyhallowclub
We Signed A Contract! [Obey Me! thespookyhallowclub
You wake up one day in a place called the Devildom, having not expected your entry to the Devildom's school program to go the way it did. Unfortunately, you don't adapt...
Chrysalis: Yandere Demon x Autistic Female Reader by SlaptasticTurtle
Chrysalis: Yandere Demon x SlaptasticTurtle
The night lay cold, a chill permeating through the air. A man studies a vial, softly glowing orange. "It will work" he chants, "they won't die." anot...
Moments (Hetalia x Autistic!Male!Reader) *ADOPTED!* by 37054ljH
Moments (Hetalia x Autistic!Male! 37054ljH
*Adopted by 9iko8uh* These are acting as sort-of sequels to Oasis, except in one-shots. I really felt like I didn't add enough to Oasis, so I'm deciding to add one-shots...
Oasis (Hetalia x Autistic!Male!Reader) by 37054ljH
Oasis (Hetalia x Autistic!Male! 37054ljH
When America brings his autistic foster son to a meeting, things are tending to look a little more chaotic than usual. Great. Previously titled "Beautiful Soul"...
He Took Me In (A Michael Myers fanfic) by JoeyDrew1927
He Took Me In (A Michael Myers Этот
Jordan was alone that day before he faced death itself, right in the eye... and it did nothing? He follows the entity, accompanying it in its hibernation for four years...