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Wrong Yet Feels So Right(Avalance) by Rachel_64
Wrong Yet Feels So Right(Avalance)by Rachel_64
Ava- she found out that she was a clone and feels as if no one could ever love her. Sara- she feels because of her dark past she doesn't deserve happiness or to find lov...
Time Travellers' Daughter by Cori573
Time Travellers' Daughterby CoriG
After breaking out of jail the Legends find themselves with a whole new set of problems. This time some new faces from the future come to help. Original Photo of Girl by...
Worlds Collide by supergaywriter
Worlds Collideby supergaywriter
The Legends go back in time to National City, to fix a disruption in the timeline. When they fix the problem, they actually end up creating a bigger one in the process...
Love Triangle by bellaledrid
Love Triangleby bellaledrid
After a time jump goes wrong, Sara and Ava end up in Nanda Parbat. Suddenly faced with her ex-lover and current girlfriend in the same room, Sara must make a choice betw...
Children of the Arrowverse by Kailyn0825
Children of the Arrowverseby Kailyn Gibson
The heroes of the arrowverse all have families. And their annual crossovers come more often than not. Everybody sees everyone everyday. They constantly breech back and f...
avalance oneshots by brun-C
avalance oneshotsby brun-C
avalance oneshot I don't own any of these caractères They are from DC #1 avasharpe : 10/09/21
Beautiful Chaos  by petezapphardie
Beautiful Chaos by petezapphardie
Sara and Ava are married this is their story
Shameless Avalance Smut. (30 day challenge) by zarlieenthusiast
Shameless Avalance Smut. (30 day c...by esperastra breakdown
Basically just the title. The stories won't really be related to each other, but they might be sometimes. Lmk if you have any suggestions. (I'm actually descriptive and...
The Archangel of Shedim - Legends of Tomorrow by clarkethesharke
The Archangel of Shedim - Legends...by clarkethesharke
When a demon of the ancient realm was thrown into 21st-century earth, it incarnated into a man and laid dormant. Until a meeting with the Order of Mal'akh, an ancient so...
Avalance AU by thelaughingcanary
Avalance AUby thelaughingcanary
Sara and Ava are happily married.
The Mantle of the Canary: Watching Sara Lance by Lgrace333
The Mantle of the Canary: Watching...by Lgrace333
The mantle of The Canary is probably the most famous among vigilantes. However it all started somewhere. But where? What was the name behind the mask? A ghost. Who was...
Legends meet the 100 by niork04
Legends meet the 100by NIORK04
DC's Legends of Tomorrow accidentally end up on Earth 100 (which is where the events of the 100 take place) right before S3 E07 and without the whole Alie problem going...
The Ruins of Love and Chaos (AvaLance) by bisexylegend
The Ruins of Love and Chaos (AvaLa...by Yen
It took her a second to decide to drop everything and fly back to Star City after receiving a phone call from the hospital. "Ava, Sara's been shot" A Legend...
Watch Time Commence by DLJaylei
Watch Time Commenceby AlphaWolf_Alabama
The 100 and grounders are sent to a watch room to watch their future. New bonds are created while future ones are shown. A new group going by The Legends are there for r...
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Le...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn is back for season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character**
Brooklyn Archer //Book Six// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETE by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Six// - Leg...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Cooper and baby Maddie are back for season six! Sara and Brooklyn were abducted by...aliens? Sure, why not? Separated in the beginning, what is it going to take...
24 Hours With You 𓅈 by XxashshadowxX
24 Hours With You 𓅈by 𝔁𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂𝔁
When a mission goes wrong, two fellow pillars are left to survive for 24 hours.
Young Justice by summer0candy
Young Justiceby Mars
The story is sequel, or more like prequel of the book 'Crisis On Earth Prime'. It takes time before Dawn and Livia time travel(although it is afected by the second cris...
Brave New World: Legends by Lauriver1fanboy
Brave New World: Legendsby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Sara Lance. After helping to reboot the universe, I found myself thrust into a strange new world and like before, I've been many different things and had many...
But I can't help falling in love with you // Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe by Pumpkin_Spice290
But I can't help falling in love w...by Pumpkin🎃🎃
Sara Lance is the Lieutenant General of the Military and Ava Sharpe is the Director of the F.B.I and they just happened to fall in love. ( I dont know anything about the...