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🖤Milyarderin Vekili - The Billionaire's Surrogate🖤 { (AsDor) ❤ (AyBer) } by turkxpakstories
🖤Milyarderin Vekili - The Billion...by 🌹TurkxPak Love Stories❤
Asiye Eren is a 20 years old university student, her parents were dead but she had a 7 years old little brother who is suffering from lung cancer. So she needed a huge a...
who is the guilty one | ayber by berkxomer
who is the guilty one | ayberby irem 🦢
berk'in psikologu olduğu hasta, aybike'nin de müvekkili olmak zorundaydı. başka seçenekleri yoktu.
dreams of ayber by ayberforever
dreams of ayberby Aybike Berk
2-3 bölümden oluşan kısa ayber hikayeleri💗
Demirlemiş by JxKxPxCxJxS
Demirlemişby Malika
Arkadaşlarının her biri Berk'le nasıl ilgileniyor
Just Breathe by Ella484
Just Breatheby Ella484
Is it bad to be tired of feeling so delicate? Sometimes she felt as if she'd already given life all she had to offer... her face crumpled again remembering she was alone...
A Warmth of Hands by Ella484
A Warmth of Handsby Ella484
She sat on the bed lazily as she watched his every moment. The clenching of his jaw, the slight twitch of his eyebrow. He was mesmerizing to watch. Even when he wasn't p...
I Fell In Love With You Again by devanshi16lal
I Fell In Love With You Againby Devanshii
Doruk was dead, the smile on Asiye's face has gone.. But there are many secrets to be unfolded Akif need to protect his son from his enemies that's all he thought.. Ayaa...
Love Story by Ella484
Love Storyby Ella484
A Love Story: Inspired by AyBerAnimations beautiful edit: In another world where AyBer are tied to each other madly, truly, deeply in some nondescript year. Her hazel gr...
What about Knitting? by JxKxPxCxJxS
What about Knitting?by Malika
"Are you scared, my love?" Aybike asked with a teasing smile. Berk rolled his eyes and tried to play it cool. "Of course not. I've been riding horses for...