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Ryan NSB imagines by devdbydawn
Ryan NSB imaginesby hearts4u
Ryan is my favorite!! First story I hope you like it <3
Ryan Azngami X Reader...Smut  by animefrenzy100
Ryan Azngami X Reader...Smut by animefrenzy100
"Your so fucking hot Y/N...." Warning: If your not comfortable with 18+ things or Smuts the feel free to click off anytime I take any suggestions... I do ...S...
'7 minutes in Heaven' reader/azngami by luvvejov_
'7 minutes in Heaven' reader/ <33
Watch a confident, independent, tough girl with a rough past meet the love of her life. One day when y/n was 15 her and her family went on a road trip and got into a hu...
Ryan Nguyen <3 by maknae_scoops
Ryan Nguyen <3by Maknae.scoops
olivia moy is siblings to oliver and sebastian moy. oliver and seb move out to LA with a bunch of hot asians. months later oliver and sebastian are finally ready to intr...
my brothers best friend  by httpazngami
my brothers best friend by http.azngami
i cant love you... your my brothers best friend... but i love you... #7 in azngami: 6/30/22 #10 in azngami: 8/16/22 #8 in azngami: 8/21/22 #11 in azngami: 8/29/22
17 Years and Pregnant ❝ 𝔒𝔩𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔐𝔬𝔶 ❞ by northstarboys
17 Years and Pregnant ❝ 𝔒𝔩𝔦𝔳𝔢 Oliver’s girlfriend
[COMPLETED] When Rebecca accidentally get pregnant and end up pulling away from him and everyone around her. Rebecca thought her parents would understand that, because...
[NSB]Fathers' Day Special  ✔️ by storiess_to_read
[NSB]Fathers' Day Special ✔️by anthea
❗️smut warning ❗️ pov: you're married to/in a relationship with NSB and have/having kids 👀 read to find out more :) socials: main insta: itz_just_anthea tiktok: just...
A smile like yours  by olegiez
A smile like yours by ☆
NSB FANFICTION: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Olegie [main ship] • Sebryan [side ship] ...
Northstar Boys one-shots by MendeOfficial
Northstar Boys one-shotsby Bianca Mendez
One shots that aren't finished, but might be. BxB
Autistic boy/ azngami by GoodMemez
Autistic boy/ azngamiby Bill gates
Reggie and Ryan have been friends since they were kids and basically brothers they have done everything together well there is one thing I should mention Ryan has serve...
playing pretend. ʳʸᵃⁿ ⁿᵍᵘʸᵉⁿ by Fanfics_Only
playing pretend. ʳʸᵃⁿ ⁿᵍᵘʸᵉⁿby s a d b o i 🌧
where ryan challenges a girl he met at the crystal store to be his fake girlfriend.
Mistake  by ryunjinswife
Mistake by ryujinswife
Two boys become friends off accidentally adding one them to a Instagram group chat . Will they only be friends or will be be more ?
Sebryan- One Shots by Waslol
Sebryan- One Shotsby Daughter_of_Hades
This is about NSB members Ryan Nguyen and Sebastian Moy. SEBRYAN SUPREMACY #10 in Justin Phan- August 3, 2023
Drunk kisses-Sebryan by yangjeongjns
Drunk kisses-Sebryanby .
"I didn't..mean to," Ryan said his hands covering his eyes "So you didn't mean to tell me that I'm pretty and kiss me and more," Sebastian said roll...
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"Jealous much?" || A Darren Liang X Sebastian Moy story by boring_biperson
"Jealous much?" || A Darren All kinds of storys
Sebastian seems to get jealous every time Darren doesn't flirt with him, Darren flirts with Sebastian for the camera but of camera, he's still the same. He'll flirt with...
Imagine NSB dirty independent stories  by allnorthstars
Imagine NSB dirty independent SillybubblesRyan
REMINDER: i know some of stories have ? of where they're not suppose to be. I was in rush writing them and if you don't like the question marks THEN don't FREAKYN READ M...
jealous? (Sebastian x Darren) by darrenssebbyy
jealous? (Sebastian x Darren)by darrenssebby
seb x Darren ff just for fun<3 no hate lmao
You sure you hate me ?  by ryunjinswife
You sure you hate me ? by ryujinswife
Two boys only became friends because of friendships of others among them they never really spoke to each other but when they did it was nothing nice you could say the tw...
secrets  by httpazngami
secrets by http.azngami
jade and her friends go to a transfer to a high school for a couple months to do a " project". jade is actually from an all girls school that is for spies. she...
My Brother's Best Friend (NSB azngami) by Thetruenerd
My Brother's Best Friend (NSB thetruenerd
"I like you." I looked at him dumbfounded honestly confused with the words coming out of his mouth. "What?" "I like you." He repeated aga...