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barricade boys imagines/one shots + preferences: volume one by Leopards1000
barricade boys imagines/one julianna
imagines/one shots/preferences of the barricade boys from the 2012 production of Les Misérables. CHARACTERS CREATED BY VICTOR HUGO. I DO NOT OWN LES MISÉRABLES. CREDITS...
The Elephant of the Bastille >> LES MISERABLES [Enjolras x OC ] by perfectlybadforyou
The Elephant of the Bastille > 𝓒𝓱𝓵𝓸𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓼
LES MISERABLES FANFIC [Enjolras x OC ] 🚨!Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except the ones I have created!🚨 Nicolette Francine Lamarque, young daughter of...
one shots and imagines » les amis by oofenjolras
one shots and imagines » les amisby a mess to be quite honest
some one-shots and imagines for everybody's favorite barricade boys! (plus Eponine) I DO NOT OWN LES MISÉRABLES OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS MENTIONED, BUT I DO HOWEVER OWN...
barricade boys imagines/one shots: volume two by Leopards1000
barricade boys imagines/one julianna
imagines/one shots of the barricade boys from the 2012 production of Les Misérables. CHARACTERS CREATED BY VICTOR HUGO. I DO NOT OWN LES MISÉRABLES. CREDITS ARE MENTION...
Jehan Writes Poetry by usernamedotexee
Jehan Writes Poetryby names are hard
mostly sad poems about character deaths---- from les miserables *READ THE BOOK FIRST!* DO NOT READ THIS WITHOUT HAVING READ/WATCHED LES MIS no valvert ew no no noncanon...
Enjoltaire One Shots by fangirlerforstuff
Enjoltaire One Shotsby i
A collection of original Enjoltaire one shots, drabbles and poems.
Les Mis One Shots by MysteryGuest
Les Mis One Shotsby Flowershroom
One shots set in both the canon era and any other AU. Requests: open for any pairing!
How To Get a Complete Stranger To Smile by truublondy
How To Get a Complete Stranger Hayley
Les Amis de l'ABC is a group of college-aged students, a rag tag team that meets at the cafe Musain a few days a week. Their leader, Enjolras is always seeming to be com...
A Poet's Sight [Les Miserables] by SkyFireForever
A Poet's Sight [Les Miserables]by Dennis Orpheus
Jehan has worked hard to recover as much as they have. They just hope it's enough to help other people.
I Am Wild by TheHufflepuffDemigod
I Am Wildby TheHufflepuffDemigod
A collection of E/R oneshots written by yours truly. (I'm bad at summaries just give it a go)
Experiment Gone Right by WifeofCourfeyrac
Experiment Gone Rightby AJ
Alexander (Alex for short) Apollo is Enjolras Apollo's younger sister, by 16 years. She is an alchemist, or as Courfeyrac likes to say 'a mini witch'. That gets on her n...
Movie Night by Ellamola
Movie Nightby Ellamola
In which the Les Amis have a movie night and Eponine, Cosette, Musichetta, and Azelma come. (Eponine/Enjolras) (Marius/Cosette) (Joly/Musichetta/Bossuet) (Azelma/Courfey...
Stars | Combeferre by AhtibatCodnob1314
"The stars provide many things. They predict our futures. They hold our pasts. They help us find our way in times of trouble. They give us peace of mind. They may e...
Cabinet of Les Amis by WifeofCourfeyrac
Cabinet of Les Amisby AJ
Hi! This is the Cabinet of Les Amis. This is scenarios that would happen with them. Feautring me, Sparky and @WifeofEnjolras Kaylin! Enjoy!
Liberté, Égalité, Felicité by WifeOfEnjolras
Liberté, Égalité, Felicitéby GryffindorPadmeEnjolras
Felicité Pontmercy is Marius Pontmercy's younger sister by one year. Marius has become gradually more and more distant, sneaking out of the house multiple times without...
Love For Freedom by aatveit2110
Love For Freedomby Belle Di Lioncourt
This a modern AU! Les Miserables Fic. -CollegeAU -Monarchy in 21st century France -There will be some OCs This will include text messages...
Les Misérables - Incorrect Quotes and Stories by A_System_Of_Nerds
Les Misérables - Incorrect A System Of Nerds
A place for feels, laughs, and barricades. (Victor Hugo owns the characters and many other many authors/artists own my inspiration.)
The Light by aatveit2110
The Lightby Belle Di Lioncourt
"You must love in such way that the person you love feels free. " -Thich Nhat Hanh I set him free for without him there will only be darkness. I let him fly b...