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HEARTSTRINGS by NiranjanaNepol
HEARTSTRINGSby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
Arnav Singh Raizada was a DREAM MAN of many girls. That was the condition, THEN. But, no one dares near him. It's the condition NOW. We can mention it as an accident or...
PUNISHMENT : SS (Completed)✔ by NiranjanaNepol
PUNISHMENT : SS (Completed)✔by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
What if they would have completed their six month of contract? What if Arnav got to know about the truth after khushi leaves RM? How will Arnav punish Shyam and himse...
CHOSEN BY DESTINY by NiranjanaNepol
CHOSEN BY DESTINYby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
She annoyed him, spoiling his major event that was held in Lucknow. When she spoilt his major event, falling in his arms, he didn't know she will make the biggest change...
Chaahat by periwinkle_98
Chaahatby Shivani Joshi
Starts from Akash and Payal's wedding track but has a major twist. Peep in to know more.....
Arshi SS- The Moment Of Truth. by RojalinKKGSR
Arshi SS- The Moment Of Roja_Arshi
Garima Gupta, a mother to her and a sinner to his mother's suffering!!
Obsession for my innocent wife by emanzainab3
Obsession for my innocent wifeby eman zainab
A rude arrogant Arnav Singh raizada obsessed with innocent naive girl khushi. and want to get her by hook or by crook. guys this story is different from original track
RAIZADA FAMILY by vaishnavirenu
RAIZADA FAMILYby vaishnavi renu
Hello readers this is my first story. I am trying it . So please kindly tell me if any mistakes are there. What happens when the past hunts raizada family? What happe...
kash main tumse  by arshifan2711
kash main tumse by arshifan2711
khushi kumari gupta stood at the altar numb.... her heartbreaking into pieces she was punished for the crime she never did... she was left alone all alone arnav singh r...
ArShi Drabbles by PearlOfPacific
ArShi Drabblesby PearlOfPacific
Drabbles based on ArShi Cover Created By: Sujzwriter Thank you for the beauty dear
Broken Promises ✓ by PearlOfPacific
Broken Promises ✓by PearlOfPacific
An Arshi Fanfic The story starts right after the terrace drama between Shyam and Khushi And Arnav has seen Khushi in Shyam's embrace What will his reaction be? ...
Tum Mjhe Yaad Karo Ge!!! ✔  by Neena_writes
Tum Mjhe Yaad Karo Ge!!! ✔ by Neena
~ Title Translation: You will remember me. Scene: Arnav and Khushi's remarriage. 🌺
WITH YOU by chirpysudipta
AN ARSHI FANFICTION....Journey of two lone souls...fought for their togetherness, which is their only solace......
Arshi ff -Jaan Hai❤ ( Completed )  by manvirat
Arshi ff -Jaan Hai❤ ( Completed ) by manvirat
Hi guys I'm a silent reader. Now I thought to pen down my thoughts in the form of a short story. Please support me Guyz... It's an arshi ff starts from the terrace scen...
UNSTOPPABLE (COMPLETED)by Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
He was the DON of the college as well as the heartthrob of his college girls. He has been surrounded by the girls all the time and girls die for his one glimpse. A girl...
Arshi: Rishta Ye Kaisa? | ✓ by sarun1721
Arshi: Rishta Ye Kaisa? | ✓by Vmin
#3 in ASR as of 20th August 2020 Arnav, Khushi and Anjali are childhood friends. They have been together since Khushi was 5 and now she is 25. 20 years makes a lot of d...
Love And Revenge. ✔ by FlorK2D
Love And Revenge. ✔by Mamley
It's starts from Payal and Akash's marriage. What if the Raizadas are not whom they portray themselves to be?. What if the Guptas are also not the way they portray the...
A take on what happens when a woman had had enough. This short story starts from when Khushi found out the reason behind her marriage. If you are hoping for a happy ev...
#71 in FAN FICTION.. 18th Jan.. 2018 #137 in FAN FICTION.. 8th Jan.. 2018 #160 in FAN FICTION.. 13th Dec.. 2017 #196 in FAN FICTION.. 5th Dec.. 2017 #252 in FAN FICTION...
I Can Hear You Even In Your Silence ((Completed)) by KhanSanu
I Can Hear You Even In Your Saniya Khan
Arnav a mute from childood, Khushi a bubbly chirpy girl. Both are best friends from childhood. Let's see how this Childood friendship turns into a life long... To know...