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Reverse BatFam Trash by Morally_Gray
Reverse BatFam Trashby Creecher
All in the title, Baby! Reverse batfam and other cute things for y'all. Literally the first thing I'm writing on here. It's excellent blackmail. Please appreciate the...
Batbrother One-shots by lonelytrashfangirl
Batbrother One-shotsby Mikki
Short stories about some one shots I have about the Batbros (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne)(Mostly because I know more about them than all the ot...
Batbros Forever by MultiFangirl7148
Batbros Foreverby Nieala Brooks
They came from completely different backgrounds and are as different as four people could possibly be. The one thing that links them: they're all sons of The Bat. They l...
Bat family and more!  by LooKuro
Bat family and more! by Loo
Basically funny things from mainly the Bat family and some others like Superman,Superboy, the Titans ect 🙂
The Daughter of the Bat and the Cat by kay4689
The Daughter of the Bat and the Catby kay4689
We all know that Multibillionaire Bruce Wayne adopted three sons and had gained one blood son. But what if he had another child he was not aware of? Before Selina Kyle D...
Damian Wayne One Shots by Ash0245
Damian Wayne One Shotsby Ash0245
As the title suggests this is a Damian Wayne One shots. So when ever I get an idea that I like I will write it here. I value quality over quantity so some chapters mayb...
Batboys x Reader Oneshots  by bat_b1tch
Batboys x Reader Oneshots by bat_b1tch
I regret this book with my entire existence because it makes me cringe and want to delete it. But, people seem to like it so I'll leave it up. Edit: I WANT THIS BOOK TO...
The Bat Who Stole The Birds Heart  by minimiacooper
The Bat Who Stole The Birds Heart by Mia Francis
Big bro has a tubble life and his younger brothers are so hard on him
The Descent by Mayatauric
The Descentby Maya MS
Dick and Jason get stuck under a building after an explosion. Dick is freezing is ass off, and Jason is trying to do his best. In which Jason and Dick bond, just, not in...
Death of a Bird (Dick Grayson Fanfic) by nightgirl2021
Death of a Bird (Dick Grayson nightgirl2021
What if Dick was to die in the line of duty. He hadn't let anyone care about him for a while. How would all his old beloved friends act? Would they even care? (This isn'...
Far Away by Kent-n-Wayne
Far Awayby Timothy
Damian and Tim fought in the cave. The usual. Dick tried to stop them. The usual. Jason sat and enjoyed. The usual. Dick stumbles over with Damian and ticks off some str...
The Tomboy (Damian Wayne/Robin x Reader) by RaphieTaffie
The Tomboy (Damian Wayne/Robin x RaphieTaffie
You are Roy Harper's baby sister... well both of the Roys. Arsenal, the original, got custody of you when you were thirteen. Due to some close ties you go to Gotham Acad...
Bat-fam one shots by BarbDvor6445BD
Bat-fam one shotsby BarbDvor6445BD
Just batfam one shots. Requests are welcomed. Warning: bad grammar definitely late updates there may be LGBTQ+ Don't like it don't r...
Help Me Todd by ILuvChoc0LAte
Help Me Toddby DaBatFamIsLife
"Todd" "Demon Spawn" ------------------------------ Jason Todd and Damian Wayne were legally brothers, but they never got along. What happens w...
Brother's 'till the end by Otaku-hero
Brother's 'till the endby EJ
The bat-bros care a lot about one and other. That's until, Bruce gets fed up with Damian sends Damian away! Not to Talia but to the juvenile detention center! He gave u...
High School Of Birds by MarilynneCadance1218
High School Of Birdsby Marilynne Cadance
The Batbros are all in high school together. That's right, Damian, Tim, Jason, and Dick are all in the same school together and it's fun. They're all too smart to be in...
Damaged Big Bro  by bat_b1tch
Damaged Big Bro by bat_b1tch
The Shadow: A Renegade Sory by DCandMARVELnerd
The Shadow: A Renegade Soryby dcandmarvelnerd
What happened to the Batfamily, where did their glue go and who is this mystery masked man that keeps popping out of no where.
Damian Wayne x Reader by GothamGirlx
Damian Wayne x Readerby watty wankers.
It's the start of your junior year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne... I have given in and given Damian green eyes due to the controversy th...
Living Up To Them (batfamily oc fanfiction)  by MarilynneCadance1218
Living Up To Them (batfamily oc Marilynne Cadance
When he was young he was part of an attack and got a piece of Braniac in his brain. Resulting of this, he was taken in by Batman and told his secret of the piece in his...