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Naive, Coraline Andersen finds herself staying at Bates Motel, after a long road trip late at night. She is introduced by the owner of the motel, named Norman Bates. Co...
Remember My Name by doeneseya
Remember My Nameby doeneseya
Ara Parker is a New Orleans born and New York raised type of chick. She holds a special talent and a degree, but still finds herself working at one of the hottest nightc...
Meeting Horror Movie Killers by AnonymousFan03
Meeting Horror Movie Killersby Someone
What would happen if you met horror movie killers. Disclaimer that is very obvious: I am not a Hollywood writer or director or a whole damn company, I am not claiming th...
The Queen Of All Halloween Eve by ExoticMarionna
The Queen Of All Halloween Eveby The Raven Of Fortune
meet bella and Edward had two daughter one who they hated the other they loved the one they hated in named Hollow raven Cullen Why you ask easy because she was adopted w...
Taboo by zabuzaXHaku
Tabooby zabuzaXHaku
A unsuspecting maid, finds herself a lost relative of the people upstairs. She fears for her friendship with the people downstairs. Especially when a friendship turns in...
Hide Away by merder_dempeo_feels
Hide Awayby merder_dempeo_feels
This is a very different Vera and Nestor (Vestor) story.
Freddie Highmore Imagines by Obsessedwithactors
Freddie Highmore Imaginesby Emily
Freddie Highmore is one of the most kind, intelligent, handsome brits you will ever meet-he is a real inspiration to everyone! A couple imagines that may or may not tic...
❝ i remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had the courage to go forth int...
BLOODY MOTEL ( a Bates Motel fanfiction ) by evieramosi
BLOODY MOTEL ( a Bates Motel Evie Ramos
This work is pure fanfiction. The events in this story has some of the first and second season of the Bates Motel series. " A boy's bestfriend is his mother...
Trapped by merder_dempeo_feels
Trappedby merder_dempeo_feels
A few members of the cast of Bates Motel get sent to the universe of the series itself. They face obstacles of getting to know their character and having to think like t...
Maybe This Time by merder_dempeo_feels
Maybe This Timeby merder_dempeo_feels
Sequel to Time To Pretend (A Vestor Story). If you haven't read should. Anyways, this is placed about a year after the finale of Season Five of Bates Motel. I...
The Hurt Locker by nobodysside
The Hurt Lockerby nobodysside
Alex meets Norma and they start seeing each other. But after a while he starts to realize that there is something very off about her. She's keeping something from him. S...
Cause & Effect: The Five Defining Moments in the Life of Christine Hargensen by myramcqueen
Cause & Effect: The Five myramcqueen
Christine Hargensen - a notorious bitch and the most relentless bully at Bates High School. A look at how she might've got there. 'Carrie' Pre-series/ Backstory - based...
The Mysterious Housemaid by anna_bates_forever
The Mysterious Housemaidby anna_bates_forever
A new housemaid has arrived at Downton. The housemaid has previously known Mr. Bates's late wife, Vera Bates. She seems to have a connection to Anna and Bates's past.
It Could Happen To You by B_Baby18
It Could Happen To Youby B_Baby18
When Jolene Peterson starts working at the Fairvale Mental Institution, she meets a young man named Norman Bates. What happens when Norman starts to see her as more than...
While I'm Alive by merder_dempeo_feels
While I'm Aliveby merder_dempeo_feels
Season 3 Episode 6 of Bates Motel redone. Instead of Norma storming off to Portland, she finds herself in a dangerous situation with Alex Romero.
Slashers X Reader One shots by _BlankAndMasked_
Slashers X Reader One shotsby Blanky Bloo
Includes Michael Myers Jason Voorhees Brahms Heelshire Bubba Sawyer (sorry I don't write for Thomas) Norman Bates Pyramid Head Along with Survivors too Survivor!Michael ...
The Life Of Norma Bates: A Cautionary Tale by merder_dempeo_feels
The Life Of Norma Bates: A merder_dempeo_feels
Set back in the 1900's. Norma Bates is married to a man named Sam Bates who is a captain of the army. She and her two sons fend for themselves for the most part until a...
Falling in Love All Over Again by anna_bates_forever
Falling in Love All Over Againby anna_bates_forever
Anna loses her memory and Bates must help her to regain her memory. Downton Abbey fanfic.
Death And All Its Friends by merder_dempeo_feels
Death And All Its Friendsby merder_dempeo_feels
The season two finale goes a bit different.