Batteredwife Stories

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Chronicle of Life by Allyyyyyl
Chronicle of Lifeby Allyyyyyl
She loved him and this love made her humble as dust. He didn't love her, it didn't matter, there was another woman around him. she can pretend not to know. What she w...
He Was Never Mine [COMPLETED] by BlueFrustratedWriter
He Was Never Mine [COMPLETED]by Cia
[WRITTEN IN ENGLISH] Taylor Marie Johnson a 23 years old businesswoman agreed to have a fixed marriage with her best friend. People said that the true colors of a person...
Doldrum: A Mournful Ravage Of Memories by justayup
Doldrum: A Mournful Ravage Of Justin
I'd reached my downfall. I'd faced the kiss of death. I'd been in my tragic flaw. Now that I am scourged, will there be someone who'll mount me to happiness? Or will I j...
A Wife's Whisper by Barbara_Izona_Lucia
A Wife's Whisperby B.I.L.
Can the wife in this story escape the miserable life of being married? Or... Will she be another story of unheard whisper?
Katalia's Destiny(On Going) by MsWinterMind
Katalia's Destiny(On Going)by MsWinterMind
Katalia Venice Lemindo is married to Clinton Jave Montevera .Arrange marriage lamang ang kanilang kasal dahil sa business ng kanilang mga magulang.Ayaw sakanya ng kanyan...
Wifes Revenge by Rie_Anave
Wifes Revengeby Miamor
Samantha loves David so much,she endure so much pain he gave her. David plan to ruin her life to take revenge then get everything she have. Covered from bruises she sat...
Taste My Vengeance  by xianginaa
Taste My Vengeance by vraeillah
My father once said that I'm lucky because I had married a man that has a lot of money, owns a house and lot, a successful businessman and have a pretty face. In short...
You made my heart beat again by sshii_sshii
You made my heart beat againby Ellasshii
Crean Brie Tianzon, is happy wife with her husband and son. She had this beautiful family in a picture. But something she had found out about her husband. She caught hi...
Their Revenge by exohaikyuu
Their Revengeby Layhawtaswasabi
Sypnosis: Eriqa Lucas a spoiled brat girl who was head over heels to Gray Sebastian a casanova. The Sebastian Corps. Who's in the edge of bankruptcy due to their ille...
mY pOSsEsSiVe BiLlIoNaIrE hUsBaNd ( my possessive Billionaire husband) by morninginyellow
mY pOSsEsSiVe BiLlIoNaIrE Hell
Ang dalaga na may angling ganda sa loob man I labas Ang ugali niyang pag ka mahinhin at matulungin sa kapawa na may finintoang puso napaka inosente ng muka ,mala anghel...
My Biggest Mistake by Beautyliqueeeee
My Biggest Mistakeby R.A.C MixedStories
I love him but what if he can't love me. What should I do for him to love me?He doesn't love me. I tried to be a good woman and a faithful wife but what if she can't rea...
LIVING HELL by jhazyBabe
LIVING HELLby jhazyBabe
From bestfriends to married couple Such a beautiful scenario, but no its not what your thinking. Will a marriage work without love? will it work if the two people involv...
A Wife's Sacrifice by chaelinbae
A Wife's Sacrificeby QUEEN
We were together since college,we love each other so much,we thought that our love for each other will stay with us forever. He was very possessive of me,he does not lik...
His Battered Wife (Under Revision) by BLACK_HAPPINESSS
His Battered Wife (Under Revision)by Morenxx
Malevolent Bachelor Series #1: His Battered Wife "Sometimes it's hard to chase someone who doesn't want to be chased" Twenty-four-year-old, Annalys Valen San...
Behind Closed Doors by MsAllyOcampo
Behind Closed Doorsby Ally Ocampo
All Eva wanted was a family. She grew up in an orphanage not knowing where she really came from. So when she had the chance to have her greatest dreams, she grabbed it w...
The broken wife [ON-GOING] by Youraphrodite20
The broken wife [ON-GOING]by A R S H Z O R R A
Unrequited love is selfless as it is selfish I sacrificed my love for myself just to give that love to him =YourAphrodite= Arshzorra
I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore  by imyourcinderbella
I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore by Ysabelle
"Please love me again Celine," he begged. "I'm sorry but," Celine pause for a moment. "I don't want to love you anymore." **** Celine lost...