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Jin Yi Kill by brittanyk5496
Jin Yi Killby brittanyk5496
Wang Yanqing's father was killed in battle, and she was adopted by Zhenyuan Houfu as an orphan. She liked Fu Tingzhou for ten years. She was born and died for him. A gir...
The Fifth Time's a Charm by IvoryValentia
The Fifth Time's a Charmby IvoryValentia
I died. For the FOURTH TIME! I'm done. I just want to ascend to heaven and be at peace but noOoo -------------------- " Do you have any regrets in life? " I t...
Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder Pampered Everyday by mintose
Post-apocalyptic Cannon Fodder mintose
Not my work for offline reading ☺️ Author Name is giving below If any one wants to read more chapters online you can read from Warning ⚠️ Apologize for...
A world of black by lightnovelssss
A world of blackby LiteNovelss
The world believes white mages are good and dark wizards are bad.. But it's the complete opposite. White mages want to take of the world and use their magic "white...
The ML always want to kill me 19+ (Mm Translation) Zawgyi+Unicode by Lynnn2112
The ML always want to kill me Lynnn2112
This is my first translation. It is not my own.
Acting Spoiled In His Indifferent Arms by brittanyk5496
Acting Spoiled In His brittanyk5496
If she were to make the choice again, Ji Bai would never have let her two-faced sickly sister use her as a personal blood bank. She simply wanted to live her own life. B...
Villainess Reincarnation Book 1: Escaping the Plot by WriteWithMind
Villainess Reincarnation Book 1: WriteWithMind
Elle is a bookworm. She read all kind of book, from fairy tale to biography. She dies of over reading. More like, she read too much that she forgets to eat or do anythin...