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I GUESS I DO by LimariiooooKim
I GUESS I DOby Chryzz Gu
Chloe's cousin's getting married and she'll be damned if she has to endure another family gathering/speed dating weekend. Cue Beca to begrudgingly save the day. NOTE : I...
Bechloe - Selfish by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - Selfishby Doctor Mobius
Idea by @Jace1002 After an intersex Beca sleeps with Chloe one drunken night, the redhead falls pregnant and Beca has to step up and be responsible for her actions. Unfo...
Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 Continuation) by Britt_Anna_Huh
Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 LillyHuh
Highest Ranking: 1# in Pitchperfect (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect2 (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect3 (01/8/18) 1# in Bellas (26/7/18) 1# in ChloeBeale (11/8/18) 1# in Brittan...
Bechloe by travelghost
Bechloeby Traveller Ghost
This is what the movie would have been like (not exactly) if they stuck with the Bechloe plan. I will be starting from when they meet to the end of the movie. I did this...
Group Chat | Barden Bellas by yourchemicals
Group Chat | Barden Bellasby 𝐱
「 2 0 1 6 」 Random/drunk/funny chat and a lot of ships. //ONE-SHOTS//
Bechloe/Sendrick One Shots by bechloeloves
Bechloe/Sendrick One Shotsby bechloeloves
Just an ongoing collection of bechloe one shots. Hope you enjoy, and leave suggestions! :)
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Chloe) by sumpotato
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Kyla
It's the time that the daughter of The Beast and Queen Belle, Chloe, will become the queen. She decided to do her first proclamation, by sending four Villain kids from t...
Staubrey - My Girl by Doctor_Mobius
Staubrey - My Girlby Doctor Mobius
Set in an alternative universe, Aubrey struggles to find new recruits for the Barden Bellas but after holding auditions, Aubrey gains a new team of Bellas and ends up ca...
Your gonna miss me when I'm gone (bechloe) by sophie_29091
Your gonna miss me when I'm gone ( bechloe_90907
There is a life threatening accident after regionals and it might be too late to undo mistakes.
About Damn Time  by Bechloeplz
About Damn Time by Bechloeplz
when stacie and aubrey get tired of beca and chloe both being madly in love with eachother but not doing anything about it , they come up with a plan to get chloe to mak...
Meet Me in the Afterglow (BECHLOE AU) by AliceCase923
Meet Me in the Afterglow ( Alice Case
Chloe and Beca attend Grammy Beale's birthday for the sake of her special request. The catch? They have been strangers for the past three years since their break up. Son...
bechloe oneshots by KaiThatOneWriterGirl
bechloe oneshotsby Kai
these are random oneshots about bechloe
Life changes ( sequel to love never dies ) by AnneMiley
Life changes ( sequel to love Anne
Previously on; Love never dies... Chloe lost Beca when the cruise ship sank. Chloe was devastated and broken, made bad decisions, got pregnant and gave birth to her son...
Meant to Be by bechloeloves
Meant to Beby bechloeloves
This is going to be a little story about Beca and Chloe's relationship and friendship. It's a little all over the place, and Beca and Chloe are both frustrating lol. The...
Off Limits ✔️ by PitchSlapped2208
Off Limits ✔️by PitchSlapped2208
Beca was about to start her senior year of high school alongside her group of friends and her twin brother. When a new girl starts at the school she sets her eyes on her...
believe by pitchperf3ct
believeby pitchperf3ct
original bechloe story after beca mitchell gets into a major car accident, her entire world is shattered. her girlfriend, chloe beale, is left to take care of the short...
Bechloe - So Happy Together by Doctor_Mobius
Bechloe - So Happy Togetherby Doctor Mobius
Set in an alternative universe, Beca and Chloe begin dating and everything is perfect - Beca loves Chloe and Chloe loves Beca... perhaps a little too much. To Beca, Chlo...
Don't you get it?  by ohmybechloe
Don't you get it? by B
Beca and Chloe were best friends. But what happens when they cross that line.
Bechloe ones shots by bechloekendrick47
Bechloe ones shotsby Snowkaiz47
An bunch of one shots which happen to be bechloe
Bechloe // Staubrey [Group Chat] by stauberryy
Bechloe // Staubrey [Group Chat]by campie
[GROUP CHAT] main couples are staubrey and bechloe, a little bit of jessley too ^^ Why "Group Chat" as the title? ; Whenever there's something wrong with a cou...