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Male OC x Louise Belcher | A Bob's Burgers Fanfic by T-Beast
Male OC x Louise Belcher | A Bob' TheWillOfABeast
Tanner Sterling -- a young boy who looks a bit older for his age (13), who's also experienced at the great outdoors, and pretty much anything physical left home to becom...
smokin' |  louigan by sxbjective
smokin' | louiganby a.p.g
an old childhood nemesis shows up on her doorstep with only a duffle bag and a pack of cigarettes. he needs a home, she needs a friend. .sometimes the people you think t...
Grow Up Belcher- Louise & Logan Fanfic by FranH333
Grow Up Belcher- Louise & Logan FranH333
Seventeen year old Louise Belcher is in her last year of high school and is slowly take over the family business. During spring break an old (kind of) friend, Logan Bush...
Seventeen || louigan by desmadres
Seventeen || louiganby desmadres
you see people differently when you're seventeen.
Bobs Burgers x reader by STU_Lover
Bobs Burgers x readerby SU_Lover
Hiya! I'm doing a bobs burgers x reader because i literally love that show! Here's the description! Y/n Belcher is the second youngest child, it goes Tina-13 Gene-11 Y/n...
Time Flies | Louise x Rudy | Bob's burgers by spacetronaut_
Time Flies | Louise x Rudy | Bob' Georgia Lahoon
Time flies, after 10 years Louise is 19 in college, when she gets a message, someone she hasn't seen or messaged in 5 years after he moved away with his mom, "I'm b...
Priyanka's Caffeinated Coffee Consumption Chaos! by rockysavannah
Priyanka's Caffeinated Coffee Rocky Savannah
This is a request that I was asked to do by rainbowriderv/EmissaryOfRainbows. Check out his work, it's good!
Ask Seymour's Bay by zebelcher14
Ask Seymour's Bayby Ze Belcher
Have you ever had a burning question for any of the residents of the town of Seymour's Bay? Well, now you can ask them anything you've ever imagined! Author's Note: Thi...
Louise x Logan by DrewyBearNerd
Louise x Loganby hyp3ractive_fanboy
Louise is now 10, and has a terrifying/enjoyable dream about kissing her #1 enemy, Logan, the night before Valentine's Day. The next day, Logan leaves a note on Louise's...
"hole" //bobs burgers  by louisekinnie
"hole" //bobs burgers by harper
This takes place during the movie but with a different ending, showing what happens when louise falls down the hole and it all goes wrong.
The Oldest Belcher Child  by Part_TimeWriter
The Oldest Belcher Child by Part_TimeWriter
Max Belcher is the eldest child of Bob and Linda Belcher. He works at his father's burger restaurant called "Bobs Burgers" with his younger siblings Tina, Gene...
Bulma vs Chi-Chi! A Baby Shower Burping Contest! by rockysavannah
Bulma vs Chi-Chi! A Baby Shower Rocky Savannah
This is my part of a trade with Jokermask18/JWAPPEL. Sorry for being late and making this longer than you asked. I hope that you like it. Any constructive criticism in t...
Bowers gang (it chapter 2) by rosemariefulton99
Bowers gang (it chapter 2)by Rose Marie Fulton
this is the gang in tr he second movie and Patrick is alive and Henry comes back but different ⚠️ this will one part of insest and its Patrick well because hes Patrick...
50 Shades of Louise by yaspaz
50 Shades of Louiseby Bitch #1
Many of you might think Louise from bob's burgers was just another girl going through puberty and refused to believe that she had a crush on some guy in a boy band... WE...
Logan And Louise  by Cnareadna
Logan And Louise by Lena Vanity
Louise and Logan love story. So in my story I fixed the age difference between theme so Louise will be 21 and Logan will be 24. Louise is in college for a business degre...
orphans. //bobs burgers by louisekinnie
orphans. //bobs burgersby harper
this is more of ones shots where louise is an orphan, gene is an orphan, tina is an orphan, and the one where they are all together but bob and linda are still dead. i...
suck it up //bobs burgers by louisekinnie
suck it up //bobs burgersby harper
basically louise runs away and couch surfs. its still summer but takes place after the movie. not much fruitiness in this one. terrible.
Jay-Ju & Zeke "We Belong Together" A Bob's Burgers Fanfiction by emilybooklover9
Jay-Ju & Zeke "We Belong Together" TUMBLR:
Zeke has been in love with his best pal, Jimmy Jr. Pesto for as long as he can remember. Now as the Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage and the school is talking a...