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Believe (A Justin Bieber Story) *COMPLETED* by JustinsGirl_
Believe (A Justin Bieber Story) * Maggie
***Veiwer Discretion is advised*** Kayleigh is a 18 year old girl who has one dream, that dream is to meet Justin Drew Bieber. But who would have thought things would ha...
fame.  by kia0107
fame. by 🤯✨🏁
in which a newly famous singer meets justin bieber, the singer she hates. "when the fame and the money and the girls drive you crazy . . ." * highest rank in f...
loved by you // j.b by fangirl138
loved by you // j.bby 🖤🖤🖤
The journey of life is full of so many confusing emotions: love, hate, lust, jealousy. Trying to navigate new-found fame is a whole different journey in itself. When you...
CHIM - Life in the limelight SEQUEL by GeordieDoll
CHIM - Life in the limelight SEQUELby GeordieDoll
This is a continuation of my last story 'life in the limelight' that i suggest you read before reading this. I really hope you all like this, let me know your thoughts a...
The Boy Next Door by writtenbykara
The Boy Next Doorby - k
Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force...
The Bully (Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber love story) by Fancy_Bieber
The Bully (Ariana Grande, Austin Fancy My Bieber
"You've hurt me enough!" She screamed at him. "I know and I'm sorry." He cried out. "But maybe what hurt you can be the one to fix you."
Kidnapped By Jason McCann by Life_for_Belieb
Kidnapped By Jason McCannby Madelynn 😊
Alex is a eighteen year who lives a normal life. Jason is worldwide criminal whose looking for love. When Jason kidnaps Alex, what will happen? Will she fall in love wit...
In Love With My Bestfriend: Justin Bieber by BMcCann6
In Love With My Bestfriend: BMcCann
Jamie Collins and Justin Bieber have been friends since they were 5. They both secretly liked each other for a while but didn't tell anyone not wanting to ruin their fri...
Falling For Heartbreak- NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & KINDLE by _SamirahZaman
Falling For Heartbreak- NOW Samirah Zaman
What happens when you fall? You break. Finally an author, Ava Brooks, is excited to write the perfect love story she has been searching for... but what happens when one...
Met Online by Unidentifiedxx
Met Onlineby Unidentified
| Hero56 is requesting your friendship - do you wish to accept or deny? | Cassidy Williams can't remember the last time she felt accepted and loved. Judged? Sure. Humi...
The Angel and her Demon by ObsessedBieber
The Angel and her Demonby ObsessedBieber
"Oh trust me shawty, I'm no regular kid." And with that, he walked away, leaving me there totally dumbfounded by what just happened.
Instagram • Jailey (COMPLETED) by rauhlsxdaze
Instagram • Jailey (COMPLETED)by rauhlsxdaze
It all came through Instagram. BOOK COVER BY: tashajadewrites
Not You and Me but Us (Justin Bieber fanfic) by endeduponacrossroad
Not You and Me but Us (Justin raeanne
Isabelle loved Justin Bieber but, she ends up falling in love with Justin.
Justin Bieber Imagines (completed) by oxcybiebers
Justin Bieber Imagines (completed)by peyton
I'm not very good at this but I try! Comment any requests! Read, Vote, Comment, Share, whatever! Thank you
I Wish... (A JB fanfic) by justin_blzzle
I Wish... (A JB fanfic)by justin_blzzle
I remember the day I first met Justin Drew Bieber. We started off as friends, then we became best friends forever. But I never knew I would end up with a crush on him. W...
Safe || j.b. by tantalizingxtiffany
Safe || ☽✯🅃🄸🄵🄵🄰🄽🅈✯☽
Scarlett has always had trouble trusting people after her mother died. Her father took it upon himself to start abusing Scarlett whenever she did something to upset him...
The Life With Bieber! by jb_baby1994
The Life With Bieber!by jb_baby1994
Aleyah is a 19 year old single mother, she loves her daughter Sophia Bieber she is 4 years old of course by the last name you can already tell who the father is no other...
Texts | Justin Bieber Fanfic by yappabear
Texts | Justin Bieber Fanficby yappabear
In which Justin Bieber accidentally sends a text to the wrong number. But this little message becomes something much bigger. - Unknown number: Hey Em! Last night was fu...