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Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do flemingsara
You're a young and hopeful voice actress in your late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a quite peaceful life until your sister, Allison, and her husband, Tho...
A different loop by BoredKidLikesBatim
A different loopby BoredKidLikesBatim
Joey Drew was getting nervous watching his old pal fighting for his life and continuing the loop the exact same way he did before. His old pal was getting closer to sett...
The Lighter Side of Hell (Bammy) (DISCONTINUED) by Fcukig_Monstrosity
The Lighter Side of Hell (Bammy) ( stink
"Oh, my dear, sweet prophet." The Demon trilled, his claw under the inky man's chin. "You dare try ta spite me? Adorable." He chuckles lowly. "...
A Demonic Caretaker (Bendy x Cartoon Reader) by Nonymus_Riter
A Demonic Caretaker (Bendy x AnonYmouS
This is book 1 of 2 Life was pretty normal, everyone was happy with one another. Life was peacefully. That was the case until Bendy, Boris and I were ripped out of our d...
Drowning (A BATIM fanfic) by Endereye96
Drowning (A BATIM fanfic)by Endereye96
Henry Stein was trapped in a loop. He'd lost track of how long, and was tired of doing the same thing over and over. He couldn't even bring himself to run from Bendy any...
Multi-fandom X Reader One-shots by astrarex
Multi-fandom X Reader One-shotsby Derpy/Elliot
(This is where I put all my incomplete ideas) This will include: -BatIM -Creepypasta -Cuphead -DSaF -Deltarune -Destiny -Detroit: Become Human -Dialtown -Ducktales -FNa...
My Lil Devil- Bendy x Fem!Reader by CelestialDevotee
My Lil Devil- Bendy x Fem!Readerby Connor Luna
You're Y/n L/n, a new animator at Joey Drew Animation Studios. You're excited to start your new job, and so far, everything is going well. But after strange stuff starts...
Bendy x male!cartoon!reader one shots (?) by creepydolly95
Bendy x male!cartoon!reader one creepydolly95
just like my other bendy x cartoon!reader book.... but for meh male peeps who loves bendy
BATIM - Fallen Angel by NawaraAbasee
BATIM - Fallen Angelby Nawara Abasee
This the story about Henry Stein has becoming Toon Angel... (I made the cover 😁) Stories idea was made By PinkFluffyUniMegy... She let me used her story to continuo and...
Demon Characters x Reader Headcannons/Scenerios by Carmella_Maria2
Demon Characters x Reader Carmella Maria
•°•NOT DISCONTINUED, SLOW UPDATES•°• (5/25/22 edit: Updated pronouns! Now guys and nonbinary children can insert themselves into the story, too!) Here I will write for m...
The Deal by KatrinaKiru
The Dealby Katrina Kiru
All of the B.A.T.I.M characters all belong to the meatly... Some pictures do not belong to me. I will tell which ones belongs to me. You are (F/N) (L/N). A girl raises...
Bendy x Henry one shots  by plzkillme244
Bendy x Henry one shots by V <3
I don't know what I'm doing with my life Let's enjoy this beautiful rare pair together as I battle with myself to update (Also I love y'all so f-ing much! Thank you for...
HAZBIN HOTEL and Bendy Dancing Ink Demon InHELL by AkuraNonei
HAZBIN HOTEL and Bendy Dancing Akura Nonei
you need to read it and characters do not belong to me okey,okey
|• BATIM x NB Reader •| by RxtSmiles
|• BATIM x NB Reader •|by MeMyselfAndMyMonsterCock
Hello, good morning, evening, afternoon, or night. Batim x NB reader, if I'm doing a request that will change. I don't own Batim, because I'm broke.
In a way You've never Seen [Yandere Bendy x Animator!Reader] by S-aHowaito
In a way You've never Seen [ ▵S-a▿
"Every artist must sign his work of art. And you already marked me. So... would you allow me to sign you as mine?" [Yandere!Bendy x Animator/female!Reader] Cov...
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Machine Story) by InkyFalls023
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Dipper
Nobody knew about Bendy's existence but Joey Drew, not even Henry had knowledge of the ink demon hidden in the studio. Thirty years later after the Studio was shut down...
Cuphead: The Stolen Soul by Friendly1ntrovert
Cuphead: The Stolen Soulby Friendly-1ntrovert
Cuphead and Mugman are tasked with collecting the souls of the Devil's runaway debtors in order to repay him and save their lives. As they explore the island searching f...
Screw Logic by Torigirl13
Screw Logicby Tori or Çrīmßøñ
Bendy Au x Little Nightmares Reader x Sans Au (in a sibling way ur 9) You are (Y/n) Rosita Maur, everyone calls you Six because, well, thats what you tell them. At one p...
🔪yandere вendy😈 x cнιld 🤕reader by memelord_2876
🔪yandere вendy😈 x cнιld 🤕readerby 🤣D͙ΔҋK⃡ M᷉᷈E͓̽Պṧ🤩
It was an ordinary day for (Y/n) but when they entered a haunted abandoned animation studio that was rumored to who ever enters it never sees the light of day again. A t...
Hello, Creator {BatIM} by goodstuffdotnet
Hello, Creator {BatIM}by goodstuffdotnet
A Bendy and the Ink Machine AU/Re-write. Something's happening. Something's different now. Henry's different now. Something in the studio shifts during one of Henry's lo...