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STYLE || Rosalie Hale by methbaby666
STYLE || Rosalie Haleby methbaby666
'You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye And I got that red lip classic thing that you like And when we go crashing down, we come back every time 'Cause we nev...
Benjamin's True Other Half by Serenity_32
Benjamin's True Other Halfby Serenity_32
Being Renesmee's twin sister you were never really wanted in the beginning but your family came around, eventually. Still then you never seemed to have all of their love...
amor prohibido || Benny Rodriguez by bambalazi
amor prohibido || Benny Rodriguezby ♡︎bizzy☆
Selena and benny have been best friends forever but they can't like each other because what if it ruins their whole relationship? (started april 25th 2023. under editing...
Twilight imagines by cosplay_queen14
Twilight imaginesby cosplay_queen14
Twilight imagines TW for common trigger warning, I will specify if there is something different in the story through an Authors Note prior to reading. If your still unsu...
Property of the Quileute Wolf Pack (1) by Katherine101
Property of the Quileute Wolf ♔Mɪss Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ♔
Welcome to a small rainy town in the middle of nowhere . That town is called Forks . Forks was already full of secrets and mystery but those secrets become harder to kee...
Finding My Way Home by BrynnWalk1
Finding My Way Homeby Shameless_Hero
Silence is my Best Friend. The darkness is my sister. I am Harley Rose King and I am a vampire. I was turned when I was 21 years old and now I am over 3000 years old. I...
Maddox Swan (Benjamin love story) *DISCONTINUED* by lisa_pait
Maddox Swan (Benjamin love story) Nikki Pait
Maddox Swan is the younger sister of Bella. She is also extremely smart. She graduated high school at an early age and completed Medical School in only a year. She deci...
The Patient's Painkiller is a Psycholologist by ChickenStripping
The Patient's Painkiller is a Blank Error
Peter Parker, a psychologist, insists on taking a patient everyone strongly advises against. ((Cover art used by: umikochannart on tumblr))
Surviving Fox River | Prison Break by ScarletAlpha
Surviving Fox River | Prison Breakby Âłphä
[Book 1 of the Fox River series] DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters and some of the dialogue from the show Prison Break. This book is a work of fiction bas...
Alpha Female by whiteruby13
Alpha Femaleby Chelsea
We all know the cliche story about the girl whose mate is the alpha and she gets rejected then kidnapped and all of a sudden they are in love and have kids, right? So wh...
Spy School AU Love Trouble 💔 by SpySociety
Spy School AU Love Trouble 💔by 𝔖𝔭𝔶 𝔖𝔬𝔠𝔦𝔢𝔱𝔶
While Ben and Mike remain best friends, they have had a running feud with Zoe ever since an incident that happened. Erica, being one of the most attractive girls in sch...
Hunting by Shabeeboo_TheEnder
Huntingby Shabeeboo / Bee / Boo
Benjamin's first time hunting for Actor. But not for animals. [CANNIBALISM WARNING] [Bactor Story] [My AU]
The Return Of The Long Lost Friend  by zelledeguzman
The Return Of The Long Lost Friend by zelledeguzman
Ang kwentong ito ay Mula sa kathang isip lamang. Dahil Hindi makamove on sa Stefcam love team. I tried to use my imagination to make some conflicts better than what happ...
The Fates by Zeebeemuk
The Fatesby Zvikomborero
A fanfiction re-evaluating old mythology and racial prejudices.🧛🏻‍♂️ A girl goes on a free tour and in the process meets three odd men, a hateful white-haired man, an...
that boy ♡ [mlm/teen love] by messingwithpeople
that boy ♡ [mlm/teen love]by syrena
After 13-year old Tahir fell in love with the new boy in class, he struggles to comes to term with his sexuality and fights with his internalized homophobia for the righ...
Not Good Enough  by AnimeEagleScout
Not Good Enough by Joeseph Moore
"So long, and Thanks for the Smoothies." ends differently. Instead of recreation they tell him this is a good thing and Ben takes it as well as you'd expect. S...
Viewing The Notorious Family  by XAVIERLILY7
Viewing The Notorious Family by XAVIERLILY7
#Reaction au #Crossover au Solon Agriche Family Who Made Me a Princess Trash of the count's family Death is the only ending for the villainess And so on
Old Habits by ScarletWSilver
Old Habitsby Scarlet W Silver
Auradon Prep goes on a field trip to the island. While there, Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay have trouble keeping out of old habits. The kids from Auradon Prep realize why Ma...
Hurts Like Hell  by jxcg16
Hurts Like Hell by jxcg16
Alaïa Gonzalez was the bad girl who wasn't afraid of anyone.Not even of El Gallo Negro She was 18 year old girl who dealt with her father death for the 10 years. Her fa...
I can't be gay by 4ever__simping
I can't be gayby Ben
Ben x Harry Harry finally figures out he might not be straight characters ain't mine And it's fanfic things might not be like the actual things