Bethrothed Stories

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(-Becoming Royal-) by MsW00d
(-Becoming Royal-)by 😻😻
In a world that has completely changed, Sophie faces the trials that come with getting engaged and married to Fitz, the youngest prince, and heir to the Vacker throne. M...
The Tribrid's Mates by etphilip
The Tribrid's Matesby E.T Philip
A Witch, a Werewolf, a Vampire. ~As a Witch, she has a Betrothed. ~As a Werewolf, she has a Mate. ~As a Vampire, she has a Beloved. Centuries ago, a mage had prophesied...
Toxic Love by mollyrainexo
Toxic Loveby shawnmendesgirl
Savannah Phillip's, Princess Of Oakfield, is betrothed to an unknown Prince from an allied nation. What will happen after they wed, it is all what it seemed?
Forced Rings by Cloudydays146
Forced Ringsby Cloudydays146
Historical Fiction that I THINK will be a innocent nothing more than a few steamy scenes, PG-13 fanfic.
Her Strabilious Heart by sharifahinshirah
Her Strabilious Heartby Sharifah Inshirah
When Sophia Adams came back from the UK, she found out that she was betrothed to the one and only, Alexander Queen. He wasn't any ordinary guy, in fact, he is the CEO o...
Scavvy Dogs by Family_4_Ever
Scavvy Dogsby Family_4_Ever
Imagine being forced to go on an adventure only to have found things you were running from. Annika Flemmington a nineteen year old girl, who thought adventures were just...
A Princess' Diary by Sweetypie1998
A Princess' Diaryby Gloria
Hayley Evans, a daughter of a less than middle-class family discovers that she is betrothed to the Prince of Norway,Alaric and is to marry him as soon as she turns eight...
Wιɴɢмαɴ~[Sebastian Michaelis X Reader] by STWNTstories
Wιɴɢмαɴ~[Sebastian Michaelis X StoriesThatWereNeverTold
[Y/N] [L/N] has caught the eye of Ciel Phantomhive. Eager to be betrothed to her, he wishes that his Butler, Sebastian Michaelis to woo her for him, till he can meet her...
Protecting the Princess by DaRebel303
Protecting the Princessby Rebecca Lee
When Serena's castle life is threatened by an unknown stalker, she's forced to run from her home country England to Canada. Only with the protection of her fathers for...
Falling Petals by Jordan_Amstutz
Falling Petalsby Jordan_Amstutz
((I DIGITALLY PAINTED AND OWN THIS COVER!)) In Victorian Era London, England, a fourteen-year-old noblewoman by the name of Sophia Anderson goes to meet her fiance of tw...
Discovering Who Lennon Graece Is by PuertoMexiCaucan
Discovering Who Lennon Graece Isby PuertoMexiCaucan
Change. That is what most teens go through. But for Lennon Graece Hale, the change she experienced isn't the same as the average teens. Her life went from being perfect...
Friends or more? by SoniaOlanrewaju
Friends or more?by Sonia Olanrewaju
Hi, everyone meet Kaylee West, a young attractive female with a perfect figure at the age of 17.She was of an average height, a girl with black jet hair. she was from a...
I Hate Loving You by Your_GAYcousin
I Hate Loving Youby you're gay
None of the characters are mine(except enphine) all rights go to their respective owners. I got inspiration off of youtube and the creator gave me permission to use thei...
Love and Chaos by RoseCorcoran
Love and Chaosby Rose Corcoran
Raina dreamed of meeting her true love (even if he never returned her letters); Bedlam dreamed of finally being able to live in peace once his brother moved out and marr...
Everlasting by beckythecat
Everlastingby Becca
In a country run ragged and bloody, devastated in war, and drowning in chaos nothing can ever be everlasting. Arabella is fierce, sweet, and the heir to the throne of D...
The Sun, Moon and other Sentient Beings  by NymphHalpin
The Sun, Moon and other Sentient NymphHalpin
Life as a princess is easy enough when you know how to sneak out of the castle every day to sit by the river. Fortunately, Princess Alora of the Wood Spirits knows how t...
Girl Meets Evil  by yourstruly787898
Girl Meets Evil by Silver Park
Aerith, a silver haired beauty lives her life to the fullest. Happy and contented with her small space on the world she embarks on staying like the normal girl she was i...
The effect of the pomegranate seed by Yellow_Roseflower13
The effect of the pomegranate seedby Lizzy
It been 19 years that Persephone become queen if the underworld and 18 year since Hades and Persephone had there first kid.