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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Fanfic (Complete) by Hiphop427
Bill and Ted's Excellent Tori D
Bill, Ted, and Tori are the best of friends, however a history report could break them apart. Rufus, the excellent time traveler from the future arrives in San Dimas 198...
I'd Do Anything For Love - Young guns Fanfiction  by FeralTrashGoblin
I'd Do Anything For Love - Young Princex
My mother was the great Molly Flanagan. Famous for setting fire to a bridge to save her husband and his tribe. She was bat shit crazy. My father was Chief Spotted Feathe...
A Wild West Night at the Smithsonian  - outlaw - young gun - Billy the Kid by randomreader000000
A Wild West Night at the randomreader000000
Nicky's step-sister Anna, a college freshman and aspiring museum curator, joins Larry on his rescue mission to Washington D.C. But ends up falling into an adventure all...
Golden Eyed Gunslinger by KayeM0412
Golden Eyed Gunslingerby KayeM0412
A femme fatale? A killer vixen? Nah. Just an old chick with a gun fetish who ain't got no problem with puttin' a bullet between yah eyes. She has a few dead friends... B...
𝐖𝐈𝐋𝐃 𝐎𝐍𝐄 ★彡 ᵈ. ˢᶜᵘʳˡᵒᶜᵏ by lazylangdon
𝐖𝐈𝐋𝐃 𝐎𝐍𝐄 ★彡 ᵈ. ˢᶜᵘʳˡᵒᶜᵏby ꒦꒷𝐏𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐘꒷꒦
"YOU'RE ALL GONNA LEAVE ME, I HATE BEING ALONE" (fem!oc x doc scurlock) (young guns) (lazylangdon © 2019)
Young Guns: Fire and Steel by Literarydragon
Young Guns: Fire and Steelby Nicoy
Set in the late 1870's and early 1880's. John Tunstall and the Regulators come across an injured young woman, unknowing of her reputation. John takes her under his wing...
The Green Mile and The Reporter by jebby78
The Green Mile and The Reporterby Jebbster
Argonne was lucky to get a job during the depression and even luckier that it was something she genuinely cared about, the Daily Times. At nineteen years old and only be...
Young Guns  (won't continue)  by kimburgesss
Young Guns (won't continue) by kimburgesss
So I will most likely be writing a new one since this is kinda old and if I ever get into editing it then I'll do that and maybe continue it but for now I'll be creating...
Billy's Girl by HolaDoraExplorer
Billy's Girlby FastFantasies
***I am girlgunner on but I've lost my login details*** He hated me. I saved his little lily white ass more times than he could count and so he came to trust...
Fandoms randoms -One Shots by DisneyAndBooklover32
Fandoms randoms -One Shotsby ThebookNeerd2000
These are my very first wattpad stories and they are random with different one shots with different characters. Excuse me, my English is not very good, but I will try my...
John Wesley Hardin Outlaw Turned Lawyer Friends with Billy the Kid and Chavez by texasboy227
John Wesley Hardin Outlaw Turned John Wesley Hardin
this is a story of how I turned my life around. and I had made some new friends too. yes outlaws can change their lives and live a good life but it isn't easy I know tha...
Torn between the outlaws  by justfanfics
Torn between the outlaws by 👶🏻Mommabear🐻
The beginning of my life as a regulator by gunfighterout256
The beginning of my life as a Billy The Kid
this story tell about my life after my mother Catherine McCarty died of tuberculosis and my stepfather taking my stepbrother Joe and leaving and leaving me on the stree...
Young Guns  by kimburgesss
Young Guns by kimburgesss
I'm sure most of you probably came from my other story if so welcome! This will be way better than that one! 💜
The meeting of Two Young Orpans by runningbuck23
The meeting of Two Young Orpansby Buck Cross
this is a story about how Billy Bonney and I met and became friends more than just friends. we became brothers. fate had brought us together.
Are you worthy (Fate series oneshots, headcanons, and scenarios) by HistoricalMusical1
Are you worthy (Fate series [E]ternal[M]emories
Do you have a favorite 3, 2, or 1-star servant you just can't find stories for? So do I! Hopefully, I can help you out. Unfortunately, I don't have ANY five stars and on...
Night at the Billy the Kid Museum by gunfighterout256
Night at the Billy the Kid Museumby Billy The Kid
Museum night guard Larry Daley has just started his new job guarding the Billy the Kid Museum. and he is in for a big surprise when the exhibits come to life. but young...
High School Days by gunfighterout256
High School Daysby Billy The Kid
this is a story of my high school days and of the fun and hard and bad times and the happy days. and the history of the Lincoln County high school. and what a history ou...
Personages of Historical Significance React by ThranduilsWarMoose
Personages of Historical Tinsel
I just wrote this for MissMaccaSunshine's #MMSOctober contest. I chose ten of my favorite historical figures and chose something for them to react to. Enjoy!|