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Biodegradable Spoons by goodbiopak
Biodegradable Spoonsby goodbiopak Biodegradable Spoons The biodegradable disposable spoons have high toughness; the pla spoon head is thick and full, an...
PLA Two Tooth Forks by goodbiopak
PLA Two Tooth Forksby goodbiopak PLA Two Tooth Forks The PLA 2 teeth fork are rounded so as to prevent injury and have high toughness. The PLA...
PLA Straws by goodbiopak
PLA Strawsby goodbiopak Wholesale PLA Straws The PLA straw produced by GoodBioPak has high stiffness, smooth incision to prevent lip injury, whic...
Biodegradable Cups Have Attracted Broad Attention by zhibeneco
Biodegradable Cups Have zhibeneco Zhiben Technology is born in the Guangzhou-HK-Macao Greater Bay area, Zhiben's R & D cen...
Biodegradable Cling Film by pragyaflexifilm
Biodegradable Cling Filmby Pradnya Jadhav
With the rising demand for eco-friendly products, we love to introduce our biodegradable cling film, which is minimizing environmental impact as plastic packaging manufa...