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Princes of Juvi by DarkAnonymousPest
Princes of Juviby bitch
Highest Rank: #1 in Birdflash The team only consists of Artemis, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian. Kid Flash and Robin aren't a part of it because they never became h...
Phantom  by fandomreader16
Phantom by Spead_your_wings
This is a Danny phantom/young justice fanfiction. Danny and Robin (dick Grayson ) are biological brothers sons of Mary and John Grayson. After the accident Danny and dic...
Protect the Wayne's by chargersgirl63
Protect the Wayne'sby Sinja lover
The young justice team need to protect the Wayne family as a new mission. Will The team find out their secrets and will the team more secrets be discovered.
Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by Justarandomwriter
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
That's enough - Birdflash by this_writter
That's enough - Birdflashby N ☁️
That story is about Kid Flash and Robin in Teen Titans not in Young Justice where they are best friends. The Titans weren't nice to Robin always doing pranks which were...
Teen Titans Go - Enough by Foul_Play69
Teen Titans Go - Enoughby Foul Play
Maybe Robin has had enough of the way he has been treated. What if the way his team treated him was taken more seriously. How would he handle this?
whelmed by birdflashbaby
whelmedby kj !!
The team has a new mission... Protect Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne from a hunter... And from killing eachother rankings: #1 in birdflash #2 in k...
birdflash | A Overnight Stay by heroesnever_die
birdflash | A Overnight Stayby t.
Wally invites Dick over for some time together, and it turns out, it could be more entertaining then you think.
Robin one-shots  by bi_bird
Robin one-shots by Richard Robin E. Ward Leonardo
Some will be sad others happy I'll try to make it not be sappy. Here are some Birdflash, Daddybats Nightwing, Bromance Young Justice, Teen Titans Justice League, Depr...
Princes of Juvie by TazzieHeron
Princes of Juvieby TazzieHeron
"She's a super villain" "Just like you'll are super hero's" "H-how, did you know" ...
Birdflash: Choices by lilah505
Birdflash: Choicesby lilah505
After the death of Dick's parents, Dick decides to live a life of crime. He has been on Batman's radar for quite a while, and still he couldn't catch him. What would hap...
That Light In My Darkness  by DC_Writer1218
That Light In My Darkness by BlissfulBirdies
Wally returns back from the dead, much to everyone's delight. Though, there is one person the speedster missed the most. He reproaches Nightwing, only to find that his b...
More Reverse Batfam Trash by Morally_Gray
More Reverse Batfam Trashby Creecher
--stock photo appreciation-- Sequel to 'Reverse Batfam Trash'. It's kinda what got me started on Wattpad, nd everyone's always requesting more of it, so.... I can and wi...
BirdFlash Smut and fluff (Mature BirdFlash Fanfic) by SmolBeanNightWing
BirdFlash Smut and fluff (Mature Night Wing
Title pretty much says it all. Some fluff, but also Mature content of B x B. (More specifically Dick and Wally) I take requests. Only read if you're mature enough for th...
Thunderbird (Birdflash soulmate AU; hanahaki) by ArtofFanfics
Thunderbird (Birdflash soulmate Peregrine
Dick always loved the idea of soulmates. His parents had a pair of birds that danced up their arms. Dick thought they were beautiful. But Dick loved his own more. It was...
young justice: babysitting the waynes by Aloehugs
young justice: babysitting the Aloehugs
deathstroke wants his apprentice back, and unfortunately for Dick Grayson that means he has to be protected but with alfred away in England and Bruce having to go off wo...
30 Days Challenge - Birdflash by TigerNova
30 Days Challenge - Birdflashby Nreen
30 Challenges are drawn and written about a single ship. Let's follow Dick and Wally's misadventures and see where they lead us! What is the overarching story? I don't o...
the secret by lampterracoon
the secretby lampterracoon
so basically father's day is coming up and teen titans mostly didn't know of it until starfire ask them what it is this story contain dark topic such as murder,dead,poss...
The Competition Mission Re-Write by onlyloveisloyal
The Competition Mission Re-Writeby Onlyloveisloyal
A simple mission: Stop the attack on the competition. A simple twist: Robin can't tell the team his identity. A complicated outcome: Richard Grayson is guilty?!?
I'm already Tracer by b34n5_
I'm already Tracerby robin/beans
Best ranking: #1 in Birdflash, #1 in renegade This story is also on and ao3 Richard "Dick" Grayson runs away after his parents' death and the...