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Abhira 3.0 - Healing by Grish0324
Abhira 3.0 - Healingby Gigi
Hello, this will be a compilation of short stories and OS/TS's I wanted for Abhira post the 6 year leap. Open to suggestions as well 🙂 #1 Abhimanyu: 06/10/23 #1 Abhiman...
Abhira : Os / Ts Book by _shay_writes_
Abhira : Os / Ts Bookby _shay_writes_
It will be an os/ ts book on my favourite abhira. The os/ ts might be related to show's track or some might be just my imagination. This might contain some harshali os a...
Who's Fault by Harshali510
Who's Faultby Harshali / Abhira forever
This is a short story based on the current confrontation track in YRKKH.
Love comes around by NandhiniSolaisamy
Love comes aroundby Girl under the glasses
Akshara was ready to go away-her present to her brother during bhai dooj. Seeing Abhimanyu in the traffic wavered her heart. His smiling face lined with anger and sadnes...
Yeh Sukoon: Book II by Fan_Fiction005
Yeh Sukoon: Book IIby ~R~
COMPLETED | STAND ALONE | BOOK II 1 in #Harshali✨ (as on 19/11/22) ♡♡♡ Abhimanyu is on a mission to hunt down the girl who has his heart, but how do you find someone who...
A Formidable Truth _ Arohi by -Masteroogway-
A Formidable Truth _ Arohiby A wise soul
Its after Neil's Death, basically another closure Cover : @tiddlytoes #1 Neirohi 14/01 #1 Arohigoenka 14/01
Amends In Your Arms by storm_to_sun
Amends In Your Armsby storm_to_sun
A series of one shots & short stories taking place post Abhira's divorce track!
What if??( the Sharma's version )(slow updates) by s_honey_g
What if??( the Sharma's version )( Annabeth
This is what iff series with os,ts or ss where we will have happy moments, sob,regret, redemption,anguish,vengeance,....etc Feel free to give me senarios and scenes...wi...
Abhira Off-Tracks: Short Stories by DivyaHL
Abhira Off-Tracks: Short Storiesby DivyaHL
One Shots and Short Stories on Akshara and Abhimanyu of YRKKH. Stories here shall deviate from a particular track to be woven into a different story of a few parts. Feel...
Bond Of Love  by AnanyaGuglani
Bond Of Love by Ananya Guglani
What happend like kartik angry with manish akshu also get angry with kartik and the reason is same Mother . What if instead of aarohi Sheela instigate akshu against Goen...
TUM MERI JAAN .... by nandy_2112
TUM MERI JAAN i_am_nandhu
Second Chance  by golden_hues
Second Chance by anchal
The story starts after the sudden demise of Neil.
We and our Family by RadhaKrishnaRk
We and our Familyby Radha Krishna Rk
what if the great Lord Krishna on seeing the sadness and misery of akshu along with all the family members decides to set everything right and bring happiness again and...
All About Abhira | Vol. 2 by Fan_Fiction005
All About Abhira | Vol. 2by ~R~
❤️Stories inspired by Yrkkh Generation 3. Show-based or independent tracks on Abhira ❤️Abhira Fanfiction | Akshara x Abhimanyu ❤️Status: Ongoing ❤️Check out All Abou...
Eternal Love: The Goenka Legacy - Kartik, Naira,Kairav and Akshara's Journey by 45Serra2008
Eternal Love: The Goenka Serra
This heartwarming tale follows the Goenka family, where Kartik and Naira's love story continues with the addition of their children, Kairav and Akshara. As they navigate...
Long live our love- Abhira  by SakshiLohani
Long live our love- Abhira by SakshiLohani
Akshara Abhimanyu deserved so much better, DPK ruined our Abhira, but for us fans Abhira will always be the same, Abhimanyu and Akshara. Harshad and Pranali Aka Harshali...
Princess Forever... by nandy_2112
Princess i_am_nandhu
For all those who love akshu a lot and also how akshu childhood would have been without any problems and being the princess of her family..
Abhira : Khushiyan...💞 (Completed) by _shay_writes_
Abhira : Khushiyan...💞 (Completed)by _shay_writes_
This will start admist the neirohi wedding track This will have no 1 year separation drama. It will be on Abhira pregnancy track. Here Papa birla will not be negative. I...