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New Family by Mirabelsgf
New Familyby • Not-Normal•
After not receiving her gift, Mirabel has been trying non-stop to prove herself worthy without a gift. The family is so used to Mirabel trying to help and try to prove h...
The Dead Madrigal's Love [Encato fic] by BreannaDavis664
The Dead Madrigal's Love [Encato Luz Noceda
Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal without a gift. When something goes wrong as she explores an abandoned mall she finds herself in a different body, one made of meta...
Wolf Mirabel by BreannaDavis664
Wolf Mirabelby Luz Noceda
Born a werewolf in a human family Mirabel must learn how to control their powers and forms to protect their family and new town with the help of some wolves
Mitabel inner wolf  by ijhheb
Mitabel inner wolf by ijhheb
Mirabel met a pack of wolfs or would give her power cause they felt bad for her
Encanto's Dragon Protector by BreannaDavis664
Encanto's Dragon Protectorby Luz Noceda
Mirabel Madrigal is a 15 year old Madrigal grandkid. Her gift is being able to transform into a dragon whenever she wants. I guess I can't really call it a gift. Somethi...