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Elemental Hero in Jujutsu Kaisen by Luxraycharge
Elemental Hero in Jujutsu Kaisenby Marrion
After defeating reta'ka , Boboiboy is tired. Slowly his body fall from the top of the dam. Unknowingly a portal opened and Boboiboy fell through it. Unconsciously Boboib...
Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA (Hiatus Until Further Notice~) by KTama147
Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA ( Kisa Tamao
This life has many unexpected twist, like one time when i chase after a robot to find that some alien planing to take over earth, making me and my friends get power and...
Shugo Chara x Boboiboy Crossover: My Elemental Guardian Characters by CrazyDoofleBean14
Shugo Chara x Boboiboy CrazyDoofleBean14
"All kids holds an egg in their soul the egg of our hearts, our would-be-selves, yet unseen." Strangely, Boboiboy finds himself in an unknown place. It's abou...
BBB X MHA(discontinued) by Chrono_letteR
BBB X MHA(discontinued)by CHRONO
After boboiboy defeated retak'ka he fell from the damn but sadly luck was not on his side he was impaled by the ice spike he created to stop the damn from demolished the...
Rise of the Elements by MIKA_RIKA_831
Rise of the Elementsby That One Random Stranger
Before The man in the moon ever picked them, there was once a lonely guardian guarding his domain. Pieces of himself left alone and asleep for millenia's. Or Where Jack...
Another Outlander from Another World | Genshin Impact x BoBoiBoy Crossover by Itz_AveryPlayz
Another Outlander from Another • Itz_AveryPlayz •
Hello, did you find interest in this book? I hope you did. This is the first fanfic that I have published, there will be a few grammar mistakes and such. I may get some...
Memories In Shards: Boboiboy Galaxy x Houseki no kuni by Artiztic_Kurea
Memories In Shards: Boboiboy Kurea
(Takes Place after Boboiboy The Movie 2) Thunderstorm gets transported to a world of Living Gems that fight Lunarians that do their best to survive, not remembering...
Boboiboy Galaxy x Undertale: Fight or Mercy by Artiztic_Kurea
Boboiboy Galaxy x Undertale: Kurea
Boboiboy falls on a hole and meets Frisk at the same time, both embarked on an adventure to leave the underworld and destroy the barrier, but at the same time, many mons...
Ideas book by Purple-Kitsune
Ideas bookby Kitsu
It's just random ideas of fan fiction I can think of and converted here if you wanna try and start a new book feel free to read this.
Another world? Boboiboy and Bnha crossover by peeps_who_luv_anime
Another world? Boboiboy and Bnha peeps_who_luv_anime
During their summer vacation at earth ( lets pretend that he already beated you-know-who) an accident occurred resulting Boboiboy teleporting to another dimension where...
 A New Adventure In A Different Dimension[ BBB × BNHA ]  by The_Local_Bitch102
A New Adventure In A Different The_Local_Bitch102
• I do not own BBB and BNHA • The book cover is not mine credits to the owner • This is my first book so it might be shyt • slow update [ Is currently on hold ]
Elemental Hero in Twisted Wonderland  by Luxraycharge
Elemental Hero in Twisted Marrion
[ Twisted Wonderland x Boboiboy Crossover ] In this book , the Ori MC(Yuu) will still be in this book. I just add Boboiboy that's all. And another thing , Boboiboy will...
Elemental Hero in Devildom  by Luxraycharge
Elemental Hero in Devildom by Marrion
{ Obey me x Boboiboy } So basically Boboiboy got chosen as an exchange student at RAD. MC will still be in the story. So basically instead of 2 human , there's 3. -MC wi...
Boboiboy X Mha by minzt_
Boboiboy X Mhaby mizt
This fanfic is about Boboiboy Halilintar / Thunderstorm life babysitting a 3 year old Bbb Supra and a 2 year old Bbb Gentar at Mha . * IMPORTANT * - english is not my fi...
The Elemental traveler's (crossover boboiboy x genshin impact) by _Trick0_
The Elemental traveler's ( Trick
Boboiboy finally defeated retak'ka, boboiboy was exhausted by using his elemental fusion Supra, boboiboy slipped backwards to broken dam falling down towards frozen pond...
『Be safe』 by Just_Me_Zaff
『Be safe』by •–•
Boboiboy was sent to another world when he was testing his teleportation machine.He end up in a world that full of heroes. He doesn't has any other choice but to join th...
SHOWDOWN (BBBXMHA) by Chrono_letteR
the two shortie principal from u.a high and tapops high or so we know as nezu and kokochi have really good relationship with each other as their school is always rivalli...
Our Darkest Pasts + Ask And Dare BBBAU Boys by Artiztic_Kurea
Our Darkest Pasts + Ask And Dare Kurea
Before the events of the Shadowverse, each bad guy has a dark past, they don't just become a villain, they have their worth and meaning and reason, and have a fate to wh...
[HIATUS] Second Time Being A Hero {BBB X BNHA} by Himinya_
[HIATUS] Second Time Being A Ariryssa
A crossover of Boku No Hero Academia and BoBoiBoy. SLOW UPDATE IM SO SORRY BoBoiBoy is not a hero but a Superhero from his universe. When he suddenly appeared in the BN...
Thunderclap and Flash (a kimetsu no yaiba x Boboiboy crossover) by diabeticperson
Thunderclap and Flash (a kimetsu Diabeticperson
"Big Brother will protect you no matter what!" His mother and 5 brothers massacred by the demon king Muzak K , Halintar must journey with Tanjiro Kamado to cur...