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Beauty And The Beast - BonKai by BonKaiBonsai
Beauty And The Beast - BonKaiby Need to know
Being stuck in 1994 with each other takes a toll on Bonnie Bennett and Kai Parker. Eventually they return to the real world, only to end up trapped alone together in ano...
Bonkai Drabble/Oneshots by lavendar______
Bonkai Drabble/Oneshotsby H O L L I E
ReWritten  by TalasWeebShit
ReWritten by Mea Mei
A rewritten version of season six episode sixteen and everything after that.
Do You Believe In Magic by LysaBartlett
Do You Believe In Magicby Lysa Bartlett
When Kai Parker comes back to Mystic Falls from Portland, Oregon after attending to Gemini Coven business, he looks forward to time with his girlfriend and daughter. How...
Psychotic Possibility - Bonkai fan fiction , Bonnie Bennett and Kai Parker by YeraMora
Psychotic Possibility - Bonkai Yera Mora
What could have ever happened if Kai didn't stab Bonnie at a 1994 prisonworld Portland? It was just the two of them, alone in an obscure world where there are no other l...
love me by dgirl2908
love meby dgirl2908
kai and bonnie are enemies but they have this spark and sexual tension between then. Now that Damon is gone and bonnie is now without magic. Kai and bonnie are stuck tog...
All the Time - Bonkai fanfic by lavonna_x
All the Time - Bonkai fanficby nayomie❀
Bonnie and Kai finally reveal the feelings they have for each other in a steamy exchange. PG-13. Told like a script or screenplay.
The Missing Pieces (A Bonkai Love Story) by mamwood
The Missing Pieces (A Bonkai Mizz.O'Wood
Kai ruined everything. Liv is dead, Tyler is missing (and a werewolf), the whole gemini coven is wiped out, and Elena is in an eternal sleep... well, until Bonnie dies o...
Bonkai One Shots by YeraMora
Bonkai One Shotsby Yera Mora
If you ever happen to have a bonkai syndrome, you can help it alleviate by reading fanfics of them. Don't worry, your not alone in your feels because I got them the mom...
"I will wait" bamon fanfic by iatethecupcake101
"I will wait" bamon fanficby iatethecupcake101
The amazing loving story of two best friends that slowly develop a strong love for one another but sometimes you have to fight for the girl you want.
Stuck here with a monster by Bonkailover
Stuck here with a monsterby Bonkailover
[Do not waste your time cause I never finished this] This story takes place after 6x22 Everything that has happened is canon in this story. This is my tvd season 7 epis...
Young Menace-Redraft by SullivanJude
Young Menace-Redraftby Sullivan Jude
((Once upon a time I started this fanfiction and never finished it. Lol I may post the original ending someplace but the story has been taking TURRRNS in my mind)) Join...
creating magic  by kaiandbon
creating magic by kaiandbon
he was a broken misunderstood boy she was a lonely hero the one thing that they have in common is they have both been left behind but when together they create magi...
Chris Wood Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by cxbrakxi
Chris Wood Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)by — a l i s o n
warning! i wrote this stuff when i was younger it is not good LOL but it's getting quite a bit of reads so i'm leaving it up for now😭
The Revenge Con by MayaFriar77
The Revenge Conby Maya Penelope Friar
After a failed plan left her behind bars, Katherine is determined to get even while Rebekah attempts to mend her brothers' happiness. Is love stronger than revenge? Sequ...
Neighbors by delenaswishes
Neighborsby D&E Forever
When a family from Mystic Falls, Virginia moves in next to the bloodsucking Salvatore brothers, Damon Salvatore has to keep their secret hidden. But when he falls for on...
Bonkai by HaileyKlose
Bonkaiby Hailey Klose
Bonnie gets drunk one night and sleeps with Kai.... But when a one night stand turns into something more it might be love?... Can this witch tame Kai
Across The Multiverse To Find Home || Bonnie Bennett by rita_andy
Across The Multiverse To Find rita_andy
She didn't know who she was, how she got there or how many times she's been through this. All she knew was that it wasn't home. This is her journey. Disclaimer: I don't...
Guilt by HaileyKlose
Guiltby Hailey Klose
Bonnie would never forgive herself it haunted her but what seemed like a bad dreams could be so much more