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total drama reboot gc by lxzqwa
total drama reboot gcby lxzqwa
this is coming soon trust also made this because I'm bored also this shit is probably inaccurate but wtvs
The Big Book of TDI 2023 Fanfic! by TDI2023STAN
The Big Book of TDI 2023 Fanfic!by Bowraj & Wayraj supremacy
I take requests for books in comments or DM'S. I do not announce who requests stories when DM'ed, so ask away! ;) LIST OF UNACCEPTABLE REQUESTS: death kink vomit kink sh...
Feel free to request oneshots! I will write them every week or so. I'm sad that there's such a lack of Rajbow content on Wattpad. Every time I wanna read a good fanficti...
td groupchat by Ilike_hamburger123
td groupchatby Rahiidah Qanitah
this is the gay ass group but there is some straight people TW: Swearing Attempted murder Disgusting things And more
Roommates  by poosai_
Roommates by poosai_
The 2023 cast are roommates and do chaotic shit. They're also kinda gay. This does have ripper x axel tho please don't kill me-
Total Drama Reboot Season 4 (fanmade) by sherakin74
Total Drama Reboot Season 4 ( sherakin74
16 contestants are brought back to win ANOTHER million dollars, and they get put through tough challenges, tough eliminations, and tough everything. 16 campers, 16 chapt...
mkulia + rajbow oneshots by luvleymillz
mkulia + rajbow oneshotsby luvleymillz
bowraj oneshots yippe we've got it all angst fluff romance giggles come around have some fun
total drama reboot season 2 by queenofdamiyaangst
total drama reboot season 2by owly
non canon, don't come at me when the new season comes out
total drama GC by dipdefender
total drama GCby dunc | KITSAY CEO
uhhhh just a gc with these gay teenagers !!!! (may be focused on reboot and gen 1)
Rajbow Oneshots / Drabbles by rajbowyaoi
Rajbow Oneshots / Drabblesby rajbowyaoi
[ Cross Posted on AO3 under yxgxrwxlf ] { Cover Art also by me !! } Where's the rajbow on this platform ?? Bringing my works from AO3 over to those who don't use it !! N...
Total Deadly Island by Ilike_hamburger123
Total Deadly Islandby Rahiidah Qanitah
this may contains ships that is heathney mkulia bowraj gwuncan Duncney and thats it
The Adventures of Bowie. [A JOKE STORY] by GlitchedWendigo
The Adventures of Bowie. [A JOKE GlitchedWendigo
I was doing a roleplay on Character AI as Bowie... and it spiralled into this.
Total drama oneshots😋 ‼️‼️‼️ by 0_mishca_0
Total drama oneshots😋 ‼️‼️‼️by Mischa‼️‼️
The only things I don't do are proships and Chris x chef sorry I can do blainely and Chris 😋🙏 Emojis Fluff💝 Angst💔 Smut💘 Request anything
TOTAL DRAMA REBOOT SEASON 2by Aiden’s skunk hair
Honest Hearts: Raj and Bowie's Challenge. by GlitchedWendigo
Honest Hearts: Raj and Bowie's GlitchedWendigo
Bowie gets caught up in a scheme that threatens to compromise the fairness of a challenge. Raj, being strongly against cheating, discovers Bowie's involvement and with t...
td high school by Ilike_hamburger123
td high schoolby Rahiidah Qanitah
this is about mkulia so it will mostly be MK's pov
Legendary Lovers  { *+ BOWRAJ +* } by wedostuffiguess
Legendary Lovers { *+ BOWRAJ +* }by ^-^
a story about a hockey boy and a homo.
Sugar Crush! - Bowraj by FinnhatezU
Sugar Crush! - Bowrajby Raj-y solos 🦉
The date was only three weeks away. Three weeks?! That's not nearly enough time! It was all panic for the Hockey teen. He was a complete mess at the moment. It was only...
Unexpected Harmony - Raj x Bowie by maibuffoon
Unexpected Harmony - Raj x Bowieby Millp
--- I finished watching the new season of TDI, and Raj and Bowie are adorable, so I decided to make a fanfiction abt them! --- An AU where instead of all the contestant...