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Supernatural One Shots  by SherlockOfMidgard
Supernatural One Shots by SherlockOfMidgard
Supernatural one shots, they tend to come out quite cheesy and fluffy. Opened for requests. Enjoy! PS! I don't own the characters, except for the reader.
For Narnia  by LoveTheNerd
For Narnia by LoveTheNerd
Hating each other in one world is easy but in another world it's another story. Can they put the hate aside to save a magical land? Is the hate actually just hidden love...
Supernatural One Shot Collection by skylarforthewin
Supernatural One Shot Collectionby Skylar J. Turner
Have you ever wanted to put yourself into the Winchester lifestyle? Now you can... ♚ Ranked highest #18 in #supernaturalimagines ♔ Ranked highest #22 in #supernaturalfan...
Si Charlie Bradbury no hubiera muerto [Supernatural] by michuuss
Si Charlie Bradbury no hubiera mich(elle)🥀
Cosas que podrían haber pasado si Charlie no hubiera muerto. // © michuuss, 2016. // •It's time to say good bye #1. •Portada por: @GENOCIDES
THE TOMB by g6ypk1
THE TOMBby Antony Bradbury
The Woman Who Fell To Earth by JenBrasingtonCrowley
The Woman Who Fell To Earthby Jennifer
David Bowie comes back from the dead to save a man's life. Or so he thinks. A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of Ziggy...
|Lonely Hearts Club| Sabriel  ✓ by EvanMin
|Lonely Hearts Club| Sabriel ✓by peaches
"Do you want to be with somebody like me?"
Hunters, Wolves and Heroes | ✏️ by jazzydodger
Hunters, Wolves and Heroes | ✏️by ꧁𝓳𝓪𝔃𝔃𝔂꧂
Dean, Sam, Castiel and Charlie stumble across a portal while trying to defeat a witch that was causing chaos in a little town called beacon hills, the world they travel...
The End of RootNET:  An Alternative Tragedy by JenniferBender3
The End of RootNET: An Jennifer Bender
A pair of unlikely botanical lovers, over 80,000 years old, come to an untimely end at the hands of two oblivious civilizations when an ancient Traveler returns to uploa...
Supernatural bible of Oneshots by phanspn
Supernatural bible of Oneshotsby jaz ✨
My personal bible of Supernatural one-shots. There's something for everyone, sad, happy, drabble. Enjoy the feels everyone! [Yes, I do take requests but I may not do it...
Summer Love (Destiel/Sabriel) by cassiemybaby
Summer Love (Destiel/Sabriel)by cassiemybaby
Summer camp AU. Lasts most of summer (about 6 weeks) Dean, the loud caring boy who just wants to have fun. Cas the quiet nerd who loves his brother but hates his prank...
Supernatural x Reader Oneshots (Lesbian Stories) by LexiWinchester
Supernatural x Reader Oneshots ( LexiWinchester
A collection of reader inserts. I do not own supernatural or you. Unless I'm reading them in which case I do own the reader, me. Enjoy!
A Currency of Words by ProfessorDoom41571
A Currency of Wordsby Professor Doom
There are no coins. There are no longer credit cards or dollar bills or cheques. The world has done away with all forms of currency save for one-words. The more rare, th...
The List by BlueLightning1561
The Listby hana
Set in a futuristic world, Clara competes to be the top of her year: against her brother. Inspiration: Ray Bradbury
Underground (A Fahrenheit 451 Alternate Ending) by GLaDOSthePotato
Underground (A Fahrenheit 451 Isobel Petersen
What if the hound ended up going into Faber's house? If Clarisse had secretly been alive? How would Montag's story have ended then?
Archives by Sh00kspeared
Archivesby Sh00kspeared
Granger introduces Montag to a secret place which Montag thought was long disappeared from society...
Not A French Mistake After All by RebeccaGarcia0
Not A French Mistake After Allby Gatito Zombie
"Imagine being friends with Jared, Jensen, Misha and the rest of the SPN cast. Now imagine a demons is after you, and Sam and Dean go to the rescue. J2 and the WInc...