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May the Wind Lead! (Genshin Impact X Male Reader) by Animelover901930
May the Wind Lead! (Genshin Saika3336
A Genshin Harem Impact x Male reader •°Summary!° You are an M/N L/N . The reincarnation soul of Celestia God , Artēmis. You were killed during your fi...
Sasunaru oneshots and things by grainofspace
Sasunaru oneshots and thingsby Sky
Just some sasunaru one shots and headcannon ideas ya know I update this at random 14/12/20: #1 in brain rot - thank you guys :) 19/12/20: #12 in sasunaru??? Thanks very...
Starry Eyes - Inotan College AU by Madzzzzie_the_frog
Starry Eyes - Inotan College AUby Wesper Stan
He pauses. "Do you believe in reincarnation?" "I guess I never really thought about it." "Well, I do. And I think the best part of life is havin...
~Him~ (Pg oumami) (REWRITE IS UP ON MY PAGE) (DISCONTINUED) by R4nt4r0000000s1mp
(EDIT) This story is discontinued. My apologies. (EDIT OVER) Literally oumami. Thats it. Pregame oumami. because WE ARE STARVED OF CONTENT Art credit: Me :3 don't steal...
Deltarune Brainrot - Please Read Description! by neon-wnd
Deltarune Brainrot - Please Read [inactive]
This covers most of chapter 2 and some of chapter 1, so if you haven't played either and don't wanna be spoiled, don't read this book! Lots of brainrot and might contai...
Bright Moon Coffee Co. by IorekoftheHorde
Bright Moon Coffee IorekoftheHorde
Catra is, begrudgingly, a barista. But recently, a certain blonde has been unintentionally shining a light on her uneventful life. [Disclaimer: Obviously these characte...
Real/Safe Deleted Scenes by EEDASN
Real/Safe Deleted Scenesby EEDASN
I had sooo many ideas while writing these two books that I had to scrap or I thought of way too late. So because I still want to write them and share more Cora content w...
Writing Randomness (Headcanons, AUs, One-shots, etc) by MayaTheWatcher
Writing Randomness (Headcanons, #PinkAndGold
Things that will be mentioned in here (because angst for the angst goddess): -Suicide -Death -Blood -Some swearing -Many other triggering topics Now the general things...
the sobered by outcryers
the soberedby زينا
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Madness Combat brainrot/oneshots by HotManAss23122a
Madness Combat brainrot/oneshotsby Kate-Lynn Brayen
just some stuff I'm brainrotting about rn lol, it's my first book so please don't judge! don't be afraid to leave requests or feedback! :D
Genshin Impact Women; Brainrot Edition by Ra1dxnCr0w
Genshin Impact Women; Brainrot Ra1dXn
Absolute goddesses. Female reader! Currently simping for; Jean Gunnhildr Lisa Minci Ningguang Shenhe Raiden Shogun/Ei La Signora WAAH
mostly poems by gendergremlin_TM
mostly poemsby Garfield's lasagna
Just some random oneshots I made up at 3am :) (The cover art is not mine)
Jaeri (Juno x Saeri) one shots !! <3 by kaazzuuu
Jaeri (Juno x Saeri) one kokopuffs!!
a pile of one shots for the two characters, Juno and Saeri ! both from mimic origins (Juno being the main character for witch trials and Saeri her dead (girl) friend) :D...
Voices, specifically his [Tokrev] (Kokonupi Fanfic) by Jayofaye
Voices, specifically his [Tokrev] Aye Jay
In a cold night, there are two sleep deprived Black Dragon members named Kokonoi Hajime and Seishu Inui. Yes they cannot sleep so one decided to call the other. ! I do n...
brainrot ; plot dump !! by given-dazed
brainrot ; plot dump !!by ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎...
IN WHICH rosie dumps all her unused plots ! pls give me credit istfg </3
✨ Twisted Wonderland - Book of Randomness ✨ by OneiRose
✨ Twisted Wonderland - Book of 💀
Just a bunch of TWST one-shots, thoughts, memes and more 😁 Twisted Wonderland belongs to Disney Japan and Aniplex. Original concept and characters belong to Yana Tobos...
bursona headcannons by Heytherekillmenow
bursona headcannonsby MALPRACTICE
my personal headcannons for bursonas :D requests are open btw !!!! I love these silly guys I wanna squish them so bad
Book of random stuff by PleaseSendHelp01
Book of random stuffby L0stS0ul
Just something, I guess- (Mostly gonna be memes, ngl.)