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WILD by castawaymikey
WILDby successful
In the arena, ten females must outrun or outlast their male counterparts to keep from being forcibly bred. At least that's how Lorena saw it. She was taken from her home...
Tales of Beasts by Raev3n
Tales of Beastsby Raeven Andrews
A collection of erotic furry/beastiality stories.
eternal by JillHigdon
eternalby Jill Higdon
from the book divide, comes the second installment. 5 years has passed tharn and type, the two had become consumed with work, both working day and night to achieve ther...
Bred (An Undertale AU) by WinklePerriUWU
Bred (An Undertale AU)by WinklePerriUWU
Hey, so this is just something I came up with one night. So in this, monsters are bred and sold to humans for protection, or just for show. Kinda like dogs. This is done...
Breed & Adopt! [CLOSED] by antinomian
Breed & Adopt! [CLOSED]by Anti
Select two parents, and I give you a child! Like an adoptables book, but with more input from you. All art is drawn by me. You may only use the art of characters created...
Dare you! (On Hold) by TheBookworm2017
Dare you! (On Hold)by Book Lover
five girls were starting off with a simple game of truth or dare...Lilly and Lizzie picked dare... what will happen?! will this change their lives forever?!
Adoptions and Breedables (OPEN) by CatStation
Adoptions and Breedables (OPEN)by Choo Choo~
Credit to the Base Makers Rules: One per page. Do not ask for more than one. First come first served (Unless stated otherwise) Do not fight about who gets what Do not ad...
 Breedables, Adoptable and species. by VyraGaming
Breedables, Adoptable and OVERWATCH TRASH
In this book adoptable, breedable and species I have created will be available. Some may cost DA points (don't worry not to many) and you can pay in an art trade if want...
A Book of Horses by -causewhynot-
A Book of Horsesby -
This book includes a guide to the many breeds of horse from around the world as well as helpful tips to improve your riding and advice on horse care. Also included in it...
Living with danger by Meta_Hus_Wolf
Living with dangerby Woolfy
So this story is just about cats. (Because i got two mew cats) And they are new And i want to make a another story So yeah... Enjoy??
Breed by poeticgarbage
Breedby Sarah
"Wherever you are now, whatever you are doing now, chances are you are dead then. Because then is not now, and then is different. Then is a different lifestyle, a d...
Why you need to buy Black Cashmere Cardigan - Crumpet Cashmere by Crumpet41
Why you need to buy Black Crumpet41
Cardigan is one of the evergreen piece of your wardrobe. It's never goes out of trend same as jeans. You can easily match it with almost all dresses. Have a peek here ht...